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book who is esau edom

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Published 22.02.2019

RE- The Book "Who is ESAU EDOM" [These Devils are cut!]

ISBN 13: 9781929205004

In the ancient time and land of the Bible, nearly 4, years ago, Rebekah, the wife of the patriarch Isaac, was informed by God that she would give birth to twins whose fate would be as diverse as their character. The dissimilar and conflicting character and destiny of these twins, Esau and Jacob, would have the most profound impact on future events in the world. The analysis of the history and Scriptural insight of Esau and the Edomites, will unveil and explain many of the problems in the world. It will offer a new perspective on wars, economic crisis, hate crimes, political conspiracies, Zionism, anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity, government corruption and the Jewish issue. The question of "Who is Esau-Edom" undoubtedly involves the most stupendous drama ever enacted in the annals of man. By Michael J. Delaney on Nov 12,

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The smallest Old Testament account, the Book of Obadiah is a vision written by The Lord's prophet known as Obadiah, who prophesied against Israel's relative nation Edom. The Edomites, who were descended from Jacob's brother Esau, still carried the grudge their founder had for Jacob's deception. Worse, Esau's nation hated Israel even more. They refused to help Israel in their need, sold them as slaves, and even abused them while they were exiled to Babylon. Through Obadiah, God declares judgment over Edom and prophesies that they will be erased from history. Babylon overtook Edom years later, never to recover again.

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In classical antiquity , the cognate name Idumea was used for a smaller area in the same general region. Edom is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and it is also mentioned in a list of the Egyptian pharaoh Seti I from c. Once pushed out of their territory, the Edomites settled during the Persian period in an area comprising the southern hills of Judea down to the area north of Be'er Sheva. The Hebrew word Edom means "red", and is derived from the name of its founder, Esau , the elder son of the Hebrew patriarch Isaac , because he was born "red all over". The Edomites may have been connected with the Shasu and Shutu , nomadic raiders mentioned in Egyptian sources. Indeed, a letter from an Egyptian scribe at a border fortress in the Wadi Tumilat during the reign of Merneptah reports movement of nomadic "shasu-tribes of Edom" to watering holes in Egyptian territory.

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