Books on china foreign policy

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books on china foreign policy

Chinese Foreign Policy: An Introduction by Marc Lanteigne

This textbook is an introduction to the study of contemporary Chinese foreign policy. Examining the patterns of engagement with various domestic and international actors that have shaped Beijings foreign policy since the Cold War, it explores a series of ongoing questions and trends, as well as offering an in-depth look at key points of Chinas current global relations.

Bringing together the many different facets of Chinas foreign interests, the volume presents a comprehensive overview of the countrys international affairs, covering such key issues as:

the rise of globalization the countrys bilateral and multilateral approaches to international problem-solving the increase in the number and types of international regimes modern security challenges the question of American hegemony Beijings changing political, strategic and economic linkages with the developed and developing world.

Chinese Foreign Policy will be of great interest to upper-level students of Chinese international relations, Asian politics, comparative foreign policy and international relations, as well as professionals interested in Chinas changing place in the global system.
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China's foreign policy dilemma

Chinese Foreign Relations: Power and Policy since the Col and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. As Robert G. Sutter shows in this meticulous and balanced assessment, the record of twists and turns in Chinese foreign relations since the end of the Cold War.
Marc Lanteigne

Chinese Foreign Policy: An Introduction

China Today Series. ISBN Debates outside China about Communist China and the world have ordinarily focused on the concerns of the American-led international community. Neither China nor America bashers would be pleased. Instead of privileging Chinese nativism nationalism —popular in academic discussion and media communications on post-Deng Chinese foreign relations—Harris pays homage to the many other traditions and cultures, such as cosmopolitanism, quasi-imperialism, Sinocentrism, and victimhood, that have played important and changing roles in foreign policy. Chapter 2 looks at who has made foreign policy decisions in China during the last thirty years within formal government organizations and through informal processes.

Foreign Policy staffers tore through stacks of books this year; many were featured in reviews in the magazine or online. Here are some of our other favorites. Throughout history, a handful of scrappy states turned themselves into true sea powers, using their control of sea and trade lanes to punch above their weight on the world stage. Sea powers are free, open, inclusive, and inquisitive. Traders and merchants are in charge.

Since the late 20th century, China has been transforming itself from an isolated and backward agrarian society into a modern economic superpower with global interests and responsibilities. To adjust to changing international and domestic conditions, Chinese foreign policy has become more active, pragmatic, and flexible. With continued economic growth China is expected to widen and deepen its global search for energy and other resources and to expand its investment, market, and political clout. China is vigorously projecting soft power and presenting a peaceful image abroad by promoting cultural, educational, sports, tourism, and other exchanges. It has also become more active in global governance.

In Search of Wealth of Power

Make Your Own List. The changing relationship between China and America will be one of the defining foreign policy issues of our times. To understand its dynamic, says the sinologist, we must take account of China's lingering sense of victimhood. Interview by Alec Ash. Orville Schell is a writer and activist working on China.

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