Killing stalking chapter 21 english

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killing stalking chapter 21 english

Killing Stalking by Koogi

Okay, how exactly do I explain this manhwa (manhwa=korean comic) and my love of it without coming off as a total creep? Forget it, Im not sure there is a way, lets just do this. Do you enjoy dark, twisted, psychological stories with depraved, damaged and often morally repulsive characters (like Gillain Flynns novels)? Do you like reading about perverted, unhealthy, physically and mentally abusive relationships (kind of like Hannibal the tv show but a thousand times worse)? Well if you answered yes to any of the questions than Killing Stalking is for you. This is a story of a mentally unstable and perverted stalker named Yoon bum

And the man hes in love with/stalks named Sangwoo.

And one day Yoon Bum breaks into his house to do stuff like masturbate on his pillows and when he goes into his basement he finds a woman chained up and discovers the kind, charismatic Sangwoo he stalked is actually a serial killer.

And he ends up being held by Sangwoo and slowly they begin to form a weird type of relationship. Its not so much as Yoon Bum developing Stockholm syndrome because hes already mentally unstable and was obsessed/in love with Sangwoo but Sangwoo slowly starts to become attached to Yoon Bum.


I personally loved this comic because of the dark themes and twisted characters. But its not for everyone. It has explicit scenes of the golden trio; torture, murder and sex. It also displays a highly abusive and depraved relationship between two mentally unstable people. One a paranoid, violent serial killer and the other a stalker with a borderline personality disorder. If any of these things or all of these together might be triggering for you or offensive or just too much dont read this comic. But if youre like me and love you some twisted shit than hop on board. But be warned, this story doesnt let you catch a break. Its twisted all the way through.

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Oh Sangwoo, a charming and smooth talker Korean college student, who turns out to be a sadistic serial murderer, kidnaps Yoon Bum, a strange and exiled man, who has been obsessively stalking him.

KS can’t end yet!

Sangoo is dead!! Yay, bitch ass deserved to die. You all cant just forget he murdered so many innocent people, raped people, raped bum, and made his life hell, poor thing doesnt know how to function since his life has been fucked up to this point. Bum broke into Sangwoo's house expecting to be able to get in and out. If he was doing that to a woman he would be cursed and treated like scum instead of being seen as "uwu deserves better". Sangwoo and him are bad.

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Holy hell, what about Forensics? Criminal Justice? Remember the brother comment from Sangwoo in chapter 2. His mom could of revealed it after she killed his dad. I say this because we see the contraceptives with the rat poisoning in Chapter 4. However, it could be that she used it with Sangwoo?

Killing Stalking Webtoon

Purple grass, brown dirt, black leaves, brown bark with blotches of ominous white and green. Simple, small, and weak trees that look like birches fill this forest. Huge mushrooms glow a light blue and bring a little light to this darkness. Plenty of red and yellow fireflies buzzing around. Frogs croak on a lake near us. A faint weird smell on the air makes me think of "death". The sky is filled with galaxies and nebulas, none are familiar to me.

Read Killing Stalking 24 online. Genre : BL. Episode Blues in honor of Nabokov continues as I proofread this book in January Was she surrendering or stalking him? Killing Stalking 24 English.

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