Pottermore wand test all questions

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pottermore wand test all questions

Pottermore - Pottermore: Were you satisfied with your Sorting and wand? Showing 1-16 of 16

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Published 05.02.2019

The Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz (ALL THE QUESTIONS) - Cherry Wallis

What kind of wand would you have? (includes wood, core, length, and flexibility) READ INTRO

Today Pottermore revealed a much-anticipated feature to their interactive Harry Potter fan site — the ability to discover your Patronus on Pottermore. I used this as a 'transition day' task for new class too. No matter! We Pottermore's new Patronus quiz swept social media Thursday, allowing muggles everywhere to pretend like magic was real for a few precious minutes. You may already know what your traditional animal Patronus is, but do you know who If you have done everything said above, the quiz will now tell you your patronus is uncommon and that you have to answer another question. When you inevitably run afoul of the hooded nightmare ghouls known as Dementors, how are you going to protect yourself? May 8, Which Musical icon will be saving you from those Dementors?

Hey Guys, Dark Potter here. Today I'm coming in on my broomstick with a very special blog to announce a return of an old and loved feature of Pottermore!
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Special Feature

Retaking My Pottermore Quizzes // House, Patronus + Wand

By Helena Horton. There have been Harry Potter Sorting Hat quizzes online for years, but this one has actually been approved by the author. JK Rowling has made, or approved, a quiz to go on her Pottermore website, which purports to accurately tell you what house you should be in. Which Hogwarts house are you in? Your homepage when you log in to the website then shows your house, with notable characters from it. You can take the Pottermore quiz here. Photo: pottermore.

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  1. To ensure we find the perfect wand for you, it's very important that you answer the following questions honestly. First of all, would you describe yourself as.

  2. Hopefully, they can help to solve all our Pottermore-related problems ;) The Wand Quiz Replica - Again: exactly the same as on Pottermore, but you can take it as many times as you like. . test background image (inside the sorting hat).

  3. If you simply can't wait to finish reading this article – discover your wand right now , in our test created by J.K. Rowling. These wizarding world.

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