Rachmaninoff piano concerto 2 in c minor

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rachmaninoff piano concerto 2 in c minor

Music Minus One Piano: Rachmaninov Concerto No. 2 in C minor, op. 18 by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Music Minus OneEqually renowned as composer and pianist, Rachmaninov dazzled the world with his piano concerto in C minor. It is immensely popular to this day. Brilliant and powerful with the beautiful lyric theme that became the popular song Full Moon and Empty Arms, it is here presented in a lovely recording, sans your part, the solo piano. This deluxe 2-CD set includes a luxuriant 96-page, newly engraved score, plus a second slow-tempo practice accompaniment to help you get up to speed. The digital stereo compact disc features a complete performance of the concerto with orchestra and soloist, and a second performance minus you, the soloist; and the second compact disc contains a full-speed version of the complete version as well as a special -12% slow-tempo version of the accompaniment for practice purposes. The concerto is voluminously indexed for your practice and performance convenience.
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Rachmaninoff:Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor

Luckily, the composition of his Piano Concerto No.
Sergei Rachmaninoff

Piano Concerto No.2, Op.18 (Rachmaninoff, Sergei)

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PDF scanned by piano.
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About the Work

Rachmaninov composed this work in , and played the first complete performance on November 9, , with Alexandre Siloti conducting the Moscow Philharmonic Society. He suffered a shattering career crisis in the massacre of his First Symphony in St. The audience -- ever mindful that Rachmaninov had been expelled in from the local temple of musical instruction -- listened stonily, glad for the failure of a young lion schooled elsewhere in Moscow, he completed the Conservatory course in , and graduated a year later with highest possible grades. Because of the failure of the Symphony No. Believing himself unfit to compose, he tried concentrating on parallel courses as a concert soloist and opera conductor, but embroiled himself in a love affair that ended very badly. By the end of , he was an alcoholic whose hands shook, imperiling his keyboard career. Dahl, a Moscow specialist in "neuropsychotherapy," daily, and was urged under hypnosis to compose the new piano concerto that a London impresario was asking for.

The Piano Concerto No. This piece is one of Rachmaninoff's most enduringly popular pieces, [3] and established his fame as a concerto composer. At its premiere, Rachmaninoff's first symphony , though now considered a significant achievement, was derided by contemporary critics. His second piano concerto confirmed his recovery from clinical depression and writer's block , cured by courses of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and helped by support from his family and friends. The concerto was dedicated to Nikolai Dahl , the physician who had done much to restore Rachmaninoff's self-confidence.

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  1. This leads into the key and main theme of the piece, C minor. In this first section, the orchestra carries the Russian-character.

  2. Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18, composition for piano and orchestra by Sergei Rachmaninoff. It premiered on November 9, , and contains themes.

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