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men should weep higher english

House of Night Series by P.C. Cast

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Men Should Weep - Scottish tour trailer 2011

Candidate 3 - "Men Should Weep"

It is a typical example of Scottish contemporary theatre and some Scottish school students learn the play for their Higher Scottish drama and English literature course. Men Should Weep was written for the Glasgow Unity Theatre in [2] but only received great acclaim when it was revived by Company Scotland. An initial draft of the play was much darker in nature but was rewritten to the relatively lighthearted version one can see today. The play deals with many issues, each stemming from a central theme of poverty : male and female roles in society are tackled through the characters of Maggie, a housewife and John Morrison, who is unemployed also the overpowering Isa and sexist Lily ; the resilience of youth is displayed in the younger children, Edie and Ernest, who cope very well with the conditions; corruption is explored through Alec; the importance of community is apparent through the neighbours, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Bone and Mrs Harris, and through overall interactions in the play, and Jenny Morrison shows growth and the gain of independence. All of these are catalysed somewhat by the overwhelming poverty of the depression.

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Maggie is the central protagonist. The play charts her journey towards finding her strength and role as leader of the family and as an individual.

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