Whatever happened to baby jane ending

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whatever happened to baby jane ending

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? by Henry Farrell

Book jacket: Baby Jane, a child star of early vaudeville, resented having to grow up in the shadow of her prettier sister Blanche Hudson, who became Hollywoods reigning love goddess. Now, some fifty years later, they are together and alone. And reality has toppled crazily into eerie fantasy. Blanche now finds she is growing old in the shadow cast by Baby Jane -- and a very sinister shadow it is.
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What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) 5/5

It was noted that both Rain () and Baby Jane end with deaths on beaches: in Rain the reformer Davidson (Walter Huston) commits suicide.
Henry Farrell

The Plot Of 'What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?' Sheds Light On The 'Feud' Behind-The-Scenes

On a claustrophobic set, it dominates many shots, separating the upstairs captivity of the paraplegic Blanche from the downstairs lair of her deranged sister Jane. Although the two sisters live in a "mansion" that allegedly once belonged to Valentino, it is jammed between nosy neighbors and seems to consist only of a living room, a kitchen, a hallway and a bedroom for each sister. In this hothouse a lifelong rivalry turns vicious, in one of Hollywood's best gothic grotesqueries. The story involves sisters who were once movie stars, played by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The casting is one of the crucial successes of the film, although it is hard to imagine how Aldrich convinced the two divas to appear together.

Much of what happened to Baby Jane is in fact her sister's fault -- it was Blanche who was driving the car, Jane who was the victim. On the beach Blanche confesses her jealous crime. Jane says 'we could have been friends all along', and she dances off with an ice cream. Continuity mistake : In the first scene featuring next door neighbor Mrs. Bates, she places the telephone on the coffee table twice.

Ending / spoiler

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? This great trashy melodrama featured the bizarre and sole pairing of two legendary -- and rival -- screen legends in a gothic Grand Guignol horror film of crazed sibling rivalry. The shocking, macabre film told about two feuding sisters working in show-biz who had lived together for their entire lives. In fact, the two stars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were, by some accounts, also dueling actresses who notoriously despised each other. The two had not worked together in eighteen years since Hollywood Canteen and never did again. It originally received an X-rating in the UK for its controversial subject matter.

Hatfields and McCoys, Campbells and MacDonalds, history is littered with famous feuds, especially in the history of the entertainment industry. Real life feuds are often stranger, more passionate, and more captivating than fiction. So, it's no surprise that Ryan Murphy is taking on the topic in his next project. While the women did work together to create a successful film the same THR article notes the movie scored five oscar nominations! The film follows aging sisters Jane, played by Davis, and Blanche, played by Crawford. Jane was a Vaudeville child star who was favored by their father.

It shouldn't frighten you. The story of sibling rivalry gone mad necessitates the highly wrought performances from its lead actresses, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The sparse supporting cast play their individual parts with enough verve to make them memorable, yet with the restraint required to allow two of Hollywood's Grande Dames have at it. In , Baby Jane Hudson main character is a wildly popular child song and dance act on the vaudeville circuit. Tyrannical behind the scenes, her heart belongs to daddy and her earnings support the show business family.

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  1. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is a American psychological horror thriller film In the character of Baby Jane Hudson was ranked No. 44 on the.

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