Hearing and obeying the voice of the lord

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hearing and obeying the voice of the lord

Hearing Gods Voice Quotes by Henry T. Blackaby

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Published 20.01.2019

Just Obey

Jesus says “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” Recognizing God's voice and obeying Him is critical for a good relationship with.

5 Reasons Why Obedience Will Draw You Closer to God

What we're looking at is longing to go deeper with God. If the status quo of what you're experiencing at the moment is not enough for you and I hope that's the case, that always should be the case for us as Christians. We should have an insatiable satisfaction in Jesus - do you know what that means? We're satisfied with Him, but we're not satisfied with the knowledge that we have of Him, or the depth of experience or relationship that we have - so we want to go deeper. We're looking at "Obeying God's Voice". Let's pray together before we go on any further: Lord, we thank You for Your presence with us, and we thank You that that's something we can rely on - to know that You're here, You're with us, You're working by Your Holy Spirit.

“Obeying God's Voice”

If we will walk with Him, obey His Word, and follow the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit, then we will enjoy the close relationship that we desire and relish the benefits of that relationship. Here are five reasons why obedience will draw you closer to the Lord:., From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible has a lot to say about obedience. In the story of the Ten Commandments , we see just how important the concept of obedience is to God.

My alarm goes off and I rush downstairs. I want to do His will and I long to hear His voice. Thousands of thoughts run through my head every hour, but how is my relationship to God? Do I have a sincere longing to please God with my thoughts, words and deeds? When I do have that longing, He opens my ear to His voice.



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