Survival evasion resistance and escape air force

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survival evasion resistance and escape air force

Air Force Handbook 10-644 Survival Evasion Resistance Escape SERE Operations: 27 March 2017 by Department of the Air Force

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U.S. Air Force: SERE Specialists – Training Others How To Survive

Air Force Beret Badge - Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE)

Combat Survival Training is established to provide aircrews and other designated personnel procedures and techniques in the use of equipment and employment of survival principles. Graduates of the U. About 6, students go through the seven SERE courses each year. Additionally, some intelligence officers and life support technicians may also attend. This school was created during the Vietnam War to prepare Air Force crews that were flying combat missions over Vietnam.

By Staff Sgt. Skip to main content Press Enter. Home News Article Display. Animal pelts and antlers adorn the wall and an alligator named Thor, a gift from former students, sits protectively outside the main classroom. Everywhere you look around the building, a deep sense of pride is obvious and more importantly, felt by all who enter those doors. This is where potential SERE specialists begin a rigorous year-long training and are first immersed in the physically and mentally demanding career field. Candidates are critiqued on physical training, backpacking, basic public speaking, outdoor living and survival skills as well as their ability to improvise, to assess their potential success as a future SERE specialist.

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Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape • Learn To Exist

Instructors and a medical technician tried to save Sturgill with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and a defibrillator, the ground accident investigation board found, but he was declared dead on the scene about a half-hour after he was found unresponsive. That exercise is designed to simulate a real-life SERE situation by having SERE specialist candidates complete various tasks by themselves in the wild. Instructors dropped Sturgill off at his designated location at about a. Three hours later, the report said, instructors checked on him and saw no signs of distress. It was a hot day, with the local temperature reaching Another candidate saw Sturgill moving around, the report said, but his view was obstructed by foliage. After the candidate lost sight of Sturgill, he heard something that sounded like a large branch falling to the ground.

Department of Defense civilians , and private military contractors with training in evading capture, survival skills , and the military code of conduct. Established by the U. Marine Corps , and U. Navy and in the late s to the U. Most higher level SERE students are military aircrew and special operations personnel considered to be at high risk of capture. Based on the experiences of the British and American pilots who managed to escape from and evade the Germans during World War II, and return to friendly lines, several private "clubs" were created during World War II. One such club was the "Late Arrivals' Club".

In the Air Force, Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape SERE specialists serve as subject matter experts who train all aircrew personnel and others at risk on how to handle themselves if they're ever caught up in hostile territory. That means teaching airmen from all walks of life a vast array of skills, from how to improvise basic shelter and find sustenance to how to escape active pursuit by the enemy, and to resist coercion if captured. SERE specialists can find themselves assigned to one of six main SERE training detachments across the country, or conducting "refresher" training at any Air Force squadron. But first, they have to make the cut and endure all of the training they'll eventually impart to others. The Air Force Enlisted Classification Manual suggests that high school "courses in speech, education, physical education, biology, botany, anthropology, geology, and geography are desirable" for aspiring SERE instructors. In addition, eligibility for a secret security clearance is required. This involves a background check of character and finances, and a history of illegal drug use or alcohol abuse are usually disqualifying factors.

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