Chapter wise summary of anita and me

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chapter wise summary of anita and me

The House of Hidden Mothers by Meera Syal

Shyama, a forty-eight-year-old London divorcée, already has an unruly teenage daughter, but that doesnt stop her and her younger lover, Toby, from wanting a child together. Their relationship may look like a cliché, but despite the news from her doctor that she no longer has any viable eggs, Shyamas not ready to give up on their dream of having a baby. So they decide to find an Indian surrogate to carry their child, which is how they meet Mala, a young woman trapped in an oppressive marriage in a small Indian town from which shes desperate to escape. But as the pregnancy progresses, they discover that their simple arrangement may be far more complicated than it seems.

In The House of Hidden Mothers, Meera Syal, an acclaimed British actress and accomplished novelist, takes on the timely but underexplored issue of Indias booming surrogacy industry. Western couples pay a young woman to have their child and then fly home with a baby, an easy narrative that ignores the complex emotions involved in carrying a child.

Syal turns this phenomenon into a compelling, thoughtful novel already hailed in the UK as rumbustious, confrontational and ultimately heartbreaking . . . Turn[s] the standard British-Asian displacement narrative on its head (The Guardian).

Compulsively readable and with a winning voice, The House of Hidden Mothers deftly explores subjects of age, class, and the divide between East and West.
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Anita & Me: Anna Brewster & Chandeep Uppal

Anita and Me begins with a lie about a lie. Does her Punjabi heritage make her Indian, or does her preference for fish fingers make her British?
Meera Syal


It follows the life of nine-year-old Meena Kumar , the daughter of Indian immigrants, as she attempts to define her personal identity, marked by her Indian background and the small-town, English society in which she grows up. However, she then admits that these are not actually her own memories, but that she enjoys this narrative because it makes her feel connected to her Indian background. She concludes that people like her need to lie about their identity to feel as though they belong somewhere. The narrative then shifts to life in Tollington, as Meena is caught telling a lie to her father. She finally admits that she has indeed taken money from her mother to buy sweets at Mr. Although Meena is close to her parents, who try to give her guidance and support, she often finds herself lying and wanting to rebel.

Anita and Me is Meera Syal 's debut novel , and was first published in It is a semi- autobiographical novel , based on Syal's childhood in the mining village of Essington , Staffordshire , which won the Betty Trask Award. The story revolves around Meena, a British Punjabi girl the "me" of the title , and her relationship with her best friend, English neighbour Anita, as they grow up in the fictional Midlands village of Tollington in the late s. The novel was made into a film of the same name in , in which Syal appears as Meena's Auntie Shaila. Syal also wrote the screenplay for the film.

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Sign in. Meena, a year-old living in a mining village in the English Midlands in , is the daughter of Indian parents who've come to England to give her a better life. This idyllic existence is upset by the arrival in the village of Anita Rutter and her dysfunctional family. Anita is 14, blonde and beautiful - exactly what Meena thinks she wants to be. She becomes part of Anita's world, but events do not run smoothly.

Search This Blog. Sunday, 27 January Anita and Me, Chapters 3 - 4. Chapter Anita asks Meena to join her, making Meena feel proud. Mr Christmas comes out of the house and shouts at them for making a noise.

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