Pictures of marty stuart and connie smith

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pictures of marty stuart and connie smith

Country Music: The Masters [With CD] by Marty Stuart

A photographic love letter to the founders and legends of country music by musician and storyteller Marty Stuart. When Marty Stuart first entered the Hard Rock Cafe, he was impressed to see the work of rock preservationists, yet realized that the artifacts of country music were being lost or destroyed. He set out to change that, becoming a leading curator of roots music memorabilia and photographer of roots founders.

After years of careful preservation, Stuart brings the early days of country to vibrant life again with Country Music: The Masters. In a unique pairing, completely original for a photography book of this scope, an integrated audio CD is included featuring 60 minutes of the fascinating stories behind selected photos. Stuart, a born storyteller, gives readers a glimpse into the subjects and the photograph at the moment the shutter snapped. The CD includes Dark Bird, an unreleased song dedicated to Johnny Cash, written by Stuart after Cashs death. This new recording marks the first-ever commercial release of the song.

A photograph can just be a piece of paper with an image on it... But when the observer with his finger on the button has the life experience it takes to understand the life hes shooting, the photograph is a story. Martys photographs live and breathe. If its a person, you can hear their thoughts, feel their pain or joy, and read at least a part of their story. If its a building or a landscape, you can feel the presence of those who have walked there or lived there through the years.
- Billy Bob Thornton
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Marty Stuart & Connie Smith ~ "I Run To You"

They're still one of the happiest "the husband and wife". Born in Philadelphia, Mississippi Marty Stuart was obsessed with country music and Connie Smith from a very early age. Marty's mom had struck up a friendship with the songbird and Connie calls her " one of my best friends in the whole world.
Marty Stuart


See more ideas about Marty stuart, Country Music and Country boys. John Marty Stuart born September 30, is an American country music singer-songwriter, After this, White asked him to join the band permanently and Stuart accepted. A country music icon, five-time Grammy award winner, member of the Grand Ole Opry, and a passionate photographer. The Photographs of Marty Stuart, featured more than sixty black-and-white images taken Little Jimmy Dickens, His momma says as an infant, Marty would hold on to "this little music box and wouldn't let go. We would keep winding and winding it for him. We have pictures.

I would send them photos from the road to show them: This is who I met and this is where we went. Stuart grew up in the small town of Philadelphia, Miss. The most influential photographer in his early years was his own mother, Hilda, who he says was always taking pictures of everyday family life. Like his mother, he takes photographers that have close ties to intimate moments, friends and family. And you know how country musicians always have a great story about the first time they picked up a guitar? Stuart has the best story ever about the first time he picked up a camera. On the way home from the concert, Stuart point-blankly informed his mother that he was in love with Connie Smith, and he vowed then and there that one day he would marry her.

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She is considered one of the most influential female country artists of all time. Her debut single " Once a Day " reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in November and remained at the top position for eight weeks. In the early s, Smith began recording Gospel music more frequently as she became more serious in her Christianity. As she focused more heavily on religion, Smith became known for her outspoken religious demeanor at concerts and music venues. At the same time, Smith spent more time raising her five children than focusing on music. She eventually went into semi-retirement in

Born in Mississippi in , country music singer Marty Stuart got his start in Johnny Cash's back-up band in He soon enjoyed solo success as well as hits performing with other country musicians, including Travis Tritt and Willie Nelson. He has received multiple Grammy Awards for his work. Musician, singer, songwriter. Born on September 30, , in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

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  1. Marty Stuart Connie Smith Photos - Connie Smith and her husband Marty Stuart kiss during Marty Stuart's 11th annual Late Night Jamat the Ryman Auditorium.

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