Delia smith steak and kidney pie

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delia smith steak and kidney pie

Leiths Cookery Bible by Prue Leith

So Prue Leith has been around forever - maybe not quite Delia Smith but she is certainly an important part of the British cooking scene. Partly because of her restaurant and cookery school and partly because of her writing.
As far as cookery books go I think this is a reasonable investment. This is not new or cutting edge or very thematic but it is a substantial selection. It feels a little outdated as now popular ingredients such a raddichio, fennel, pumpkin seeds and all the other fashions that have come and gone arent really referenced but I feel strongly that all good food has value -regardless of whether its considered old-fashioned. Hey, anything old can be relabeled retro-chic and nobody raises an eyebrow, right?
Anyhow - I think Prue Leith is reliable and I could never not recommend one of her books. I used to pour over her recipes in a magazine series she did years ago and I cant tell you how much time I spent reading about her food and dreaming of the day I would have the equipment/ingredients/audience to be able to prepare her dishes.
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Delia Smith's Winter Collection (BBC TV) - Proper Puddings and Sunday Lunch

How to cook the perfect steak and ale pie

For a better experience on Delia Online website, enable JavaScript in your browser. I've subtitled this recipe 'Kate and Sidney make a comeback', after the Cockney slang version of this world-famous recipe. It's certainly time for a revival because it has been shamefully neglected and because it really is the ultimate in comfort food. Home-made is a far superior thing to any factory version and, believe it or not, it's dead simple to make. Once it's on the heat, you can forget all about it till suppertime — except for the amazingly appetising wafts coming out of the kitchen.

For a better experience on Delia Online website, enable JavaScript in your browser. Steak and kidney is one of the most wonderful combinations of flavours I know, provided ox kidney and no other is used. If it's cut really small, most people who think they don't like kidney will enjoy the rich, luscious flavour without even noticing it's there. The pies can be filled and topped the day before, covered and chilled, then just brushed with egg and popped in the oven when you need them — by the time the pastry is cooked the steak and kidney will be bubbling hot. This recipe is from Delia's Complete How to Cook. Serves 6. I think the flavour of steak and kidney is improved enormously if you take a bit of time and trouble over initially browning the meat.

The vegetables

I admire people who embark upon a "detox" programme at this time of year. It sounds so glamorously scientific — like one of those shampoo adverts with the cartoon molecules and unpronounceable names — and certainly far more exciting than a plain old diet. But the fact remains that January is a drear month at this latitude, and there's only so much salad one can stomach in the rain before you find yourself reaching for the Creme Eggs. So if the thrill of all that self-denial has already worn off, I'd like to suggest something a little more wholesome to fill the gap where mince pies once lay, and that something is OK, it's another pie.

For a better experience on Delia Online website, enable JavaScript in your browser. First it's important to note that both the pastry and the filling can be made in advance — but don't forget to allow about 1 hour for the pastry to return to room temperature before rolling out. Serves Then trim the ox kidney and chop it minutely small. Keep the meat trimmings to make extra gravy to serve with the pie.

For a better experience on Delia Online website, enable JavaScript in your browser. This recipe provides all the flavour and eating experience of a steak and kidney pie without going to the bother of actually making a pie. If you think you don't like dumplings, think again. These are sensationally light with the added dimension of a crunchy crust. They really are the perfect partner to the luscious and rich steak and kidney.

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