1988 olympics track and field results

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1988 olympics track and field results

The Dirtiest Race in History: Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and the Olympic 100m Final by Richard Moore

The 1988 Seoul Olympics hosted what has been described as both the dirtiest race of all time and the greatest track event in history. The unforgettable men’s 100 meter race has become infamous for the elation of breaking a seemingly impossible world record for human speed and for the doping scandal that followed. This book is a groundbreaking investigative account into the story of Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis, and how one of the oldest of Olympic sports became a complex high-stakes game of cheating, cover-up, and fallen heroes.

The book follows the remarkable buildup to the showdown of the two rival track superstars and chronicles Johnson’s gold medal win, a title he retained only briefly before he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and Lewis was awarded the gold. In 1999, however, after being named Sportsman of the Century by the IOC, Lewis his credibility damaged by revelations that he, too, used performance-enhancing drugs and tested positive prior to the Seoul Olympics.

Containing stunning new revelations, this book features candid witness interviews, including with Johnson and Lewis, to reconstruct the race, the hype, the drugs, and the deception, and it examines how the fallout continues to impact sports today, as every new record is met with widespread skepticism.
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1988 Olympic Women's 4x100 Relay - BEST RELAY FINISH EVER!!

Why Track-And-Field Stars Don’t Set World Records Like They Used To (But Swimmers Do)

The United States team won an Olympic gold medal Friday in a track and field event it did not expect to win. It lost a chance for a gold medal in an event it was sure it would win. The surprise victory came in the women's high jump, where Louise Ritter of Dallas upset Stefka Kostadinova of Bulgaria, the world champion and world record-holder. Ritter won in a jump-off at 6 feet 8 inches. The surprise setback came in the men's meter relay when the United States was disqualified for passing the baton out of its lane in a heat. The disqualification cost Carl Lewis a chance at his third gold medal of these Olympics. Lewis Rests.

The runners were, from right to left: 1. Robson da Silva BRA 5th in He now works as a television commentator in his home country. Ray Stewart JAM 8th in Carl Lewis US 1st in 9. Linford Christie GB 2nd in 9.

Every four years, track and field has its chance to shine on the ultimate stage in sports, the Olympic Games. With so many compelling athletes and narratives emerging every Olympiad, it is no wonder that lasting memories are made in every Games. Moreover, some of the great drama in sports history has taken center stage on the track in the form of redemption stories, epic rivalries and unforgettable controversies that resonate years later. The grand arena and bigger-than-sport feel of the Olympics has also allowed athletes to take stands that transcend track and field and push worldwide issues to the consciousness of everyone watching. With all those elements in mind, I present to you a list of the top 10 most memorable moments in Olympics track and field history. A quick disclaimer on the list: The list will be skewed to recent events.

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Scientific studies suggest that for most events, athletes have for years been operating at or near a plateau of performance — which seems to represent fundamental limits imposed by human biology. To provide a simple guide to the likelihood of seeing track-and-field records fall in Rio, BuzzFeed News has analyzed data from the all-time outdoor top performance lists published by the International Association of Athletics Federations. In between, at a meet in Berlin in , he set the current world record of 9. The top performances are plotted as points over time, with the chart oriented so that the best are at the top; the progression of the world record is shown as a stepped line. Usain Bolt set the world record of 9.

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