Torvill and dean 1994 olympics controversy

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torvill and dean 1994 olympics controversy

Our Life on Ice: The Autobiography by Jayne Torvill

When Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean collapsed to the ice at the climax of their routine to Bolero in the 1984 Winter Olympics, the judges could find no fault, awarding them 12 maximum scores of 6.0, while 24 million viewers watching at home in Britain simply looked on in amazement. Suddenly, we were all experts in figure skating, and we wanted to know more about the couple at the heart of it all.
Despite intense interest in them, Torvill & Dean kept their lives private, with many still wondering if the pair were really a couple. They turned professional and would eventually spend eight years working on ITVs Dancing on Ice, but still much of their story remained unknown.
Now, in Our Life on Ice, Torvill & Dean finally open up about the challenges they have faced and the pressures of life in the public eye: Jayne speaks candidly about her struggle with husband Phil to start a family, while Chris reveals the heartache in his family story. And of course, there is the skating, and the stories about what inspired their famous routines, and what the pair hope to achieve in the future as the approach their fortieth anniversary working together. It is the book their millions of fans have been waiting to read.
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Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean live in different continents, but It's 22 years since their Olympic performance at Sarajevo won gold Not Sarajevo, but Lillehammer: their comeback, after a decade as professionals.
Jayne Torvill

WISE WORDS: Torvill And Dean On The Shock Of Losing, And The Challenge Of Letting Go

The chill was so thick after the Winter Olympic ice dancing competition Monday night that it could have been cut with the blade of a skating boot, a sensation that had nothing to do with the temperature inside the Olympic Amphitheatre. The Russian teams that finished first and second, gold medalists Oksana Gritschuk and Evgeny Platov and silver medalists Maia Usova and Alexandr Zhulin, acted as if they would rather have been standing anywhere but next to each other on the victory stand, while bronze medalists Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean of Great Britain seemed equally displeased with their location. There are more smiles in Ingmar Bergman movies. There certainly were few on the faces of the 6, spectators, who brought so many bouquets to throw onto the ice in appreciation of Torvill and Dean that every florist between here and Oslo can retire. The fans were audibly disappointed when only one judge agreed with their point of view. Five of the nine judges preferred the rock-and-roll routine of Gritschuk and Platov, who were not particularly sold on it themselves.

Torvill and Dean are English ice dancers and former British, European, . After the disappointing finish at Lillehammer, Torvill and Dean "retired from competitive skating" on 2 March Instead, they.
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It might be argued that a dance critic who has followed Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean since they won an Olympic gold medal in and then turned professional has a very different bias from a skating judge. But even the public at large seems stunned by the fact that the British pair won only the bronze in the Olympic ice-dancing competition on Monday in Norway. The overriding feeling seems to be that they should have won the gold. By now, the debate over whether ice dancing is a sport or an art is just one big yawn. Torvill and Dean, as they are known throughout the world, were not the first to prove that skating can be a means of artistic expression, even in rules-burdened international competition.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. In all my years of going to interview sportspeople, I've never had a set of directions like these. You'll see Bobby Davro's cabin on the right, and the entrance is just ahead of you. The sports stars in question are the one and only pair of Torvill and Dean. I'd gone to talk to them about their glorious career, of course, but also about the only serious blip on their otherwise stellar record. Torvill and Dean in action at the Winter Games in Lillehammer. The last time I came to a Winter Olympics was in , when the golden couple of British ice dancing were making a big comeback.

THERE was no shortage of people who felt that Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean had done enough to win gold rather than bronze after Monday night's finale to the Olympic ice dance competition here. The majority of BBC's estimated 23 million viewers - which would be a British record audience for a sporting event on a single channel - were probably of that mind. The audience that filled the Hamar Amphitheatre with oohs and ahhs and strewed its ice with bouquets clearly thought so. As indeed did Torvill and Dean themselves after a performance which they regard as one of their best ever, although they did not actually spell it out. The decision of the panel of nine judges - from Russia, Finland, Britain, Belarus, Ukraine, France, the Czech Republic, Germany and Canada - to favour instead the youthful exuberance of Russia's Oksana Gritschuk and Yevgeny Platov thus caused circles of dismay from the kiss and cry corner outwards.

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  1. MIKE ROWBOTTOM; Wednesday 23 February As indeed did Torvill and Dean themselves after a performance which they regard.

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