Kubo and the two strings special edition

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kubo and the two strings special edition

Kubo and the Two Strings: The Junior Novel by Sadie Chesterfield

Do you like adventure and culture? Well read Kubo and the Two Strings. First read the book, then watch the movie. They might be the same thing, but the book has an explanation for all the weird and bizarre things happening in the movie. The book was really good in my opinion. It was a weird, funny, and thrilling journey. They made the story explain the movie very well.
(Spoilers MIGHT be in this, dont expect spoilers though)
Kubo and the Two Strings is about a story of a Japanese boy who goes on an adventure with a monkey to find the armor his father hid for so long. He meets special characters through the journey. He want the armor because he wants to defeat the moon king. There is also a movie to go along with the book. The Conflict is Person vs person because Kubo fights with the moon king towards the end. It was the reason for his long journey. The theme is to always have love as your main focus. Kubo couldnt give up because he knew it was for the people he loved and cared the most.
I was satisfied with the fact that there was a book made from the movie. Kubo was a good book and I really liked it. I was okay with how the story line was laid out. Some parts could improve with more detail, but it was after all okay. Some parts made me confused, even though its a junior novel. The author might want to add more pages with more descriptions but it was all fine, since theyre just getting the main Idea of each scene.
I thought the ending of the book would be a bit more better if the author could make most of it more clearer. (SpOiLerS) Since Kubo just defeated a monster, and the monster went back to Kubos Grandfather, he forgot everything. The grandfather asked for his story. At that part I was starting to question what story meant to them. Later people explain his story out for him. That really confused me. Yes, they are trying to make him seem to be a good person, but not explaining what they are trying to do just makes the reader more confused, but I at least some part of it.
I rate the book 4 stars because at some parts I was very confused but at other parts it really made me feel some emotion. Also because it was a funny and glorious adventure. I would recommend this book to people who like a bit of comedy, seriousness, adventure, and culture. The book overall is really good. It made me always want to read the next chapter. It was thrilling to see how the characters act and what they say.
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Sadie Chesterfield

KUBO and the Two Strings

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Subtotal: items in your basket. Kubo mesmerises the people in his village with his magical gift for spinning wild tales with origami. When he accidentally summons an evil spirit seeking vengeance, Kubo is forced to go on a quest to solve the mystery of his fallen samurai father and his mystical weaponry, as well as discover his own magical powers. Item limited to max quantity of Customer reviews are independent and do not represent the views of Zavvi.

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