Noughts and crosses character description

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noughts and crosses character description

Character profile for Callum McGregor from Noughts & Crosses (Noughts & Crosses, #1) (page 1)

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BOOK REVIEW : Noughts & Crosses - By Malorie Blackman

Characters. Persephone (Sephy) Hadley. She is a Cross, which means she is black. She is the daughter of the wealthy and powerful politician Kamal Hadley.
Malorie Blackman

Noughts and Crosses, Essential Revision Notes

It grew out of a lifetime of experiences. Some of the racist incidents in the book were based on real events from my own childhood. What if Africans had invented trans-oceanic travel and colonized Europe and America? You put all that together and you have the germ of an idea which led to Noughts and Crosses. I think a lot of racism comes out of ignorance and fear, and we can start to combat it by showing different cultures, races, religions in story contexts. That said, we also need more books which feature children of colour, children with disabilities, working class children, LGBT teens, etc.

Callum McGregor is a Nought and one of the main characters in the story. He is strong minded, smart and wishes that noughts and crosses can be equal.
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How did you come up with the idea for Noughts and Crosses? About how attitudes way back when, still influence all our lives and the way we think and live today. I really believe the subject of slavery is terribly important — especially in this day and age. I think it gives a context to modern day Western World thinking and attitudes regarding other races and cultures. But the comments and feedback I received planted the seed of the idea for Noughts and Crosses in my mind. I wanted to turn society as we know it on its head in my story, with new names for the major divisions in society, i. Noughts the underclass and Crosses the majority, ruling society.

Little compares with that feeling when a class are truly engaged in the reading of a really good book. Those moments stay with you forever — indeed, they fuel. Throughout the book Blackman deals with a number of issues including relationships, alcohol abuse, power abuse, depression and violence. However, the key issues of the book are racism and prejudice. These issues of racism and prejudice are conveyed through the narrative techniques of characterization, point of view, language, structure and setting. Noughts and Crosses Analysis Novels help authors to explore a range of important issues in society, which Malorie Blackman clearly portrays through Noughts and Crosses.

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