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great barrington bra and girl

Crow Girl (Crow Girl, #1) by Kate Cann

Something I didnt find out until I scrolled down the reviews page was that this book was actually aimed at reluctant readers, hence how short it is. I just thought it was a short story, and I picked it up because Halloween was mentioned in the blurb. (Also, the title appealed to my little witch heart.)

Unfortunately, being written for reluctant readers is not enough to excuse my issues with this book. It starts with the school saying that Lily isnt being bullied - shes just sensitive. This is not treated as an injustice. This is treated as an acceptable attitude for an educator to have, fact even. As someone who was bullied at school without anyone ever laying a hand on me, I think thats a terrible message to send to teenagers. By the time most of us report non-physical bullying, its been going on for months. It wears you down. Once, someone was stealing and hiding my things (I feel the need to point out that that did not go on for months, just until I could prove who it was). But sure. Its not proper bullying unless it involves violence, which is basically what youre saying if you dismiss certain types of bullying as someone being sensitive. Sometimes, yes, a situation is miscommunication rather than deliberate malice. Not everyone who has ever upset someone is a bully - no ones a mind reader - but it is made very clear that these girls are deliberately trying to upset Lily. Hell, it seems like they took it as an achievement when she stopped coming to school over it!

Then theres Lilys whole transformation. Theres nothing wrong with a character losing weight healthily (there are no crash diets, and Lily doesnt even set out to do anything different - its just a change in routine), or liking their figure, and, of course, being comfortable in your body makes you more confident. However, my issue is what it does to her personality. This is a girl who is shy, supposedly, yet she plots to get everyone to look at her at the Halloween party. Thats a massive leap. For Lily, just going to the party and trying to talk to a couple of people would be a big deal. And then theres everyones reactions, which Im not going to spoil. I really should leave the book with an air of mystery for those who might want to read it.

The two stars are for the sheer awesomeness of a girl training a bunch of crows and Lilys ingenuity in making the Halloween costume. Ive made dragon wings before, but out of black netting and black ribbon so they werent half as cool as Lilys crow wings sound.
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Brod' Earth - King Wahala

Pittsfield is Seduced By Bra & Girl

Today, I was invited to lunch with friends at Blantyre in Lenox, Ma. Blantyre is a beautifully appointed estate hotel that was originally built during the gilded era, Despite its proximity to the concrete turnpike that weaves its way through the Berkshires and New England, it is an oasis of elegance. But, because my mind is never off my businesses, even dining through a three course luncheon at Blantyre, I am not distracted. I use the opportunity to analyze and learn. As a business-owner, I often seek parallels to fellow business operations. Whether you are a luxury country house resort or an up-and-coming lingerie boutique, know what you are and know what you are not. Stay true to your vision, even as the temptation to deviate becomes increasingly irresistible.

Only a mile drive from Albany, Great Barrington, Mass. The Berkshire County town of under 10, is a tourist destination, second-home magnet for metro-dwellers, college town, and a working class community all rolled into one. It's also a perfect day trip or weekend getaway for Capital Region couples looking to get out of Dodge, thanks to its boutiques, live music venues, cutting edge restaurants, and wide range of outdoor activity options compliments of the Housatonic River, nearby mountains and state forests. The Mahican Indians called the area Mahaiwe, meaning "the place downstream. The town is also the site of the first armed resistance against the British. Widely known as the commercial epicenter of the southern Berkshires, Great Barrington's Main Street was the first in the United States to have electric lights. Today, the main street bustles with restaurants ranging from hippie to nouvelle, art galleries, clothing boutiques, and an atmosphere that reflects the politically progressive, very involved, and also predominantly affluent community residing there.

Housatonic Creative is a full service graphic design creative agency, located in, you guessed it, Housatonic, Massachusetts. We specialize in all aspects of graphic design—website design and development to print production and prepress services— which means we can handle your project from soup to nuts. You can find out more about our skills and graphic design services here. Through creative, innovative and cost-effective means, we help our clients to discover their unique message, hone that message, engage their audience, and move that audience to act. Whether it's a new idea, a ground-breaking product or the launch of a new company, HC gets their clients noticed.

GREAT BARRINGTON - Berkshire shoppers just couldn't show enough love. Bra & Girl, a lingerie shop on Main Street, will close at the end of.
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Bra & Girl in Great Barrington and Pittsfield

This week Pittsfield Bra and Girl opened its sleek black doors to the city. So far, said co-owner April Burch, the seduction of lace, candles and business sense is working. Burch attributes much of that smooth sailing to George Whaling, president of Whaling Properties, who had the 1,square-foot store ready to go in six weeks. Pittsfield Bra and Girl is anything but ordinary. Its high ceilings and exposed piping give it a loft feel. Flesh-toned walls are accented by vintage marble top window sills and contemporary crystal chandeliers.

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