Fiction books about old hollywood

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fiction books about old hollywood

Old Hollywood Book Lists

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Published 30.12.2018

A Very Hollywood Book Haul

In a time when the internet supplies a constant stream of celebrity news, takedowns, and an outlet for stanning, Old Hollywood seems impossibly mysterious and alluring.

7 Books about the Glamour and Intrigue of Old Hollywood

Yes, please! Add to Bag. Briefly fired by famed director David O. Selznik Julie was tardy delivering a message to him on the set of Gone With the Wind , but to be fair, Atlanta was on fire at the time , Julie is rescued from unemployment by none other than the witty, bawdy, good-hearted Ms. Delightful cameos arrive at a breakneck pace in this enchanting novel set behind the scenes of one of the greatest films of all time.

When you think of Old Hollywood , what do you see? Sunny days around the pool, swaying palm trees, all-night parties, and maybe a day or two working on set for the next big studio hit. Los Angeles in the s through the s conjures up images of handsome men and beautiful women in gorgeous clothes; classic films of the highest caliber; legendary romances; and a small town full of industry insiders where everyone knows everyone and there is always lots of drama. This Golden Age of cinema is full of the glamour we have come to revere from our classic stars, but also has more gossip than TMZ would know what to do with. It's this combination of sheer elegance meets crazy scandal that still holds our attention over 50 years later. And, luckily for us, the juicy secrets and steamy romance of the age didn't stop on screen; they made their way onto the pages of some of the best beach reads around. The picks below range from s noir to s romance, combining both new characters with names we all know from Cary Grant to Jean Harlowe for reads that are both obsession-worthy and historical fiction.

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I spent one unforgettable afternoon in the home of Gene Kelly when I was thirteen. Ever since, I've loved Old Hollywood ferociously -- the glamour, the scandals, the movie stars, the movies themselves, the beauty and even the brutality of a city built too fast, too big, too grand for its own good.

While present day Hollywood is certainly fascinating, it doesn't hold a candle to the glamour or drama! There were illicit affairs between screen partners hello Richard and Elizabeth! Add in around-the-clock boozing, plus an incestuous dating pool, and celebrities' off-camera lives were worthy of big screen treatment. Naturally, this sort of drama makes Old Hollywood the perfect setting for a novel. The following books offer their own take on Tinseltown—from gritty crime noir to fictional celeb biographies—to tell stories about love, sex, money, fame, and corruption. On the outside, Elizabeth is the dutiful wife of a studio bigwig.

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