What to think about when sleeping

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what to think about when sleeping

My Parents Think Im Sleeping by Jack Prelutsky

What do you do when youre in bed and the lights are out but you still cant sleep? One boy finds plenty to keep him busy to keep him busy. First, he reads a little - under the covers with a flashlight, of course. Then, he sneaks into the kitchen for a piece of chocolate cake. Later, he listens to the rain and watches the nighttime shadows. What do you do when youre awake when you should be asleep? Maybe you could be reading this book!
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Signs of a Sleep Disorder?

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Jack Prelutsky

How to Fall Asleep in 10, 60, or 120 Seconds

We tend to overthink, especially when we have a non-occupied time like when we are in bed trying to sleep resulting in insomnia and worsen anxiety. These are the times we spend overthinking about our days and we struggle when it comes to sleeping resulting in restless nights. Contents 1. Sometimes it is impossible to shut out brains down and have a good night of sleep, your mind is always going around reviewing what happened during the day, and sometimes it gets worst and you start revising older memories, specially the ones that make you embarrassed from the past. If you are constantly having this racing thoughts on your mind you might suffer from mental health conditions like anxiety. Every case is a one, so some methods may not work with you and you might have to try more than one until you find the right one to help you sleep better. In this article we offer you a complete guide to stop thinking while sleeping, allowing you to have better nights and rest.

You can do a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment. If this doesn't work, try saying the words “don't think” over and over for.
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So fun! Racing thoughts can be a sign of a serious mental health condition like anxiety. It can be anything of interest, but of no importance, so you can devote some brain energy to it without clashing into the real world and going straight back to your worries. I fly a lot, so I imagine I have my own private jet and how would I arrange the furniture on it. This is where paradoxical thinking comes in. If you can be comfortable with the idea of remaining awake, then the performance anxiety and frustration that are associated with trying to sleep have nowhere to go and your arousal level drops. Without looking at your phone or any other screen devices, go to another dimly lit room where you keep a notebook.

No offense to sheep, of course. A veritable smorgasbord of things keep me awake, but anxious thoughts are the biggest culprit. I've tried a lot of techniques to ease this nighttime stress, and a big one that works for me is focusing my mind on something, anything, that isn't my anxiety-inducing thought spiral. Counting sheep is fun and all, but what works even better is concentrating on things that make me feel grateful and content , which helps me drift off to a a perfectly dreamy sleep a lot faster. Here are some of my favorite topics:.

Skip navigation! Story from Wellness. Trouble Sleeping? Susan Biali Haas , M. What you think about when you fall asleep is an intimate, personal thing — and most of us do more than count sheep.

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  1. Just the act of trying too hard can cause or continue a cycle of anxious, nerve-wracking energy that keeps our minds awake.

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