About child development and pedagogy

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about child development and pedagogy

Child Development & Pedagogy for CTET & STET by Shalini Punjabi

About the Book: Child Development & Pedagogy for CTET & STET (Paper 1 & 2) The importance of the Child Development & Pedagogy sectionis known to every CTET & STET appearing candidate. The sectioncarries 20% weightage (30 marks out of 150) in each of the CTET/STET paper 1 & 2. The book provides an exclusive treatment tothe subject with special emphasis upon Child Development, InclusiveEducation, Learning and the Pedagogical Issues. The book has beendivided into 10 chapters. For each chapter an exhaustive theory hasbeen provided which covers the complete syllabus as prescribed bythe CBSE/ NCERT/ NCF 2005. This is followed by 2 set of exercises.The exercise 1 contains a set of MCQs from the PREVIOUS YEARQuestion Papers of CTET and various STETs. The exercise 2, TESTYOURSELF provides carefully selected MCQs for practice. The bookis a must for all the candidates appearing in the Paper 1 and 2 ofthe CTET and all State TETs.
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Top 15 Child Development and Pedagogy Questions , Assam TET 2019 -- Child Development and Pedagogy

We are providing you the important notes on Child development and Pedagogy for the CTET February , which will help you to crack the.
Shalini Punjabi

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Child psychology is an important branch of psychology which focuses on the mind and behaviour of children from parental development through adolescence. Child psychology deals not only with the growth of children physically, but also with their mental, emotional and social development as well. Today, psychologists recognize that child psychology is unique and complex, but many differ in terms of the unique perspective they take when approaching development. Development is a process of internal and external growth of a child and the emergence or differentiation of his capabilities. It could also be understood as the function of maturity and his interaction with the environment. There may be various aspects of development like physical, mental, emotional, language, ethical etc. It is suggested that candidates should focus on Pedagogy sail through.

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Pedagogy is the study of A. Education B. Guiding Students C. Learning Process D. Teaching Methods Answer: D 3. Negative B.

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  1. Child Development & Pedagogy is one of the Important subjects of CTET & State TET Exams. Most of the candidates are afraid of this section.

  2. The first question that pops up in the mind of applicants is how to start the preparation for CTET?

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