Books about high school crushes

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books about high school crushes

Popular Highschool Crush Books

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Published 29.12.2018

Childhood Crushes

We’re Crushing Hard on These 27 YA Books With ‘Love’ in the Title

September is approaching. For students, this means back-to-school fashion, new teachers, new friends, and likely some new enemies. It's cool, we all had 'em. For those of us who are over 18, September is a time for gratitude that we made it out of high school relatively unscathed. You know, it was intense.

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Blushing, sweating, giggling, squirming in your seat: These are all signs of a first crush in middle school. It can feel so thrilling, but also confusing—and even mortifying—when you feel your chest tighten and your heart race.

Last week we asked you to pour your heart out about your biggest, most-heartwrenching, wonderful, terrible first crush ever. And holy fucking shit, did you deliver. Choosing a top ten was hard. So hard. It was basically impossible, and so at more than one point I put 50 of my favorites in the random number generator and chose the best ones that way. Seriously, the caliber of your crushes left me laughing, crying, nodding, saying things like "Girl. As for the types of crushes — they ran the gamut.

Your shelves are about to get a whole lot lovier. Are you ready to feel the love as strongly as we are? Check out the books below to get you started in on the feels! Reza is an Iranian boy who has just moved to the city with his mother to live with his stepfather and stepbrother. Judy has never imagined finding romance…until she falls for Reza and they start dating. The Weyward family has been haunted by a curse for generations—if a Weyward falls in love before their seventeenth birthday, the person they love dies.

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  1. I found contemporary rom-coms, fairy tales, and fantasy books with a strong romantic plot and collected them into this book list.

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