Best books about salem witch trials

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best books about salem witch trials

Popular Salem Witch Trials Books

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Books About Witches.

James Morrow is the author of The Last Witchfinder, an historical novel about the birth of the scientific worldview, centred around one woman's audacious crusade to bring down the Parliamentary Witchcraft Act of The startling and instructive fact is that demonology overlaps and to some degree participates in modernity. The Witchcraft Statute of James I remained on the books until
Arthur Miller

The Ten Best Books for fans of WGN’s Salem

It began in , over an exceptionally raw Massachusetts winter, when a minister's daughter began to scream and convulse. It ended less than a year later, but not before 19 men and women had been hanged and an year-old man crushed to death. The panic spread quickly, involving the most educated men and prominent politicians in the colony. Neighbors accused neighbors, parents and children each other. Aside from suffrage, the Salem Witch Trials represent the only moment when women played the central role in American history.

To celebrate the season of the witch, Donna Thorland , a member of the script-writers team as well as a novelist, wrote a list of ten ways to get fans fix while waiting for Season Three. Pendle is to Britain what Salem is to America, and the witch trials there were equally terrifying. The Daylight Gate is a fantastically gothic novel about a heroine as driven and strong as Mary Sibley, told in fast moving, spare prose. Probably wise to purchase a nightlight before starting this one…. Essential reading for understanding the town then and today. This one is pure buried treasure. World Fantasy Award winner Brian McNaughton never became a household name because he was a writer ahead of his time.

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It started with a prickling sensation on their skin. Then Abigail Williams, 11, and her cousin Betty Parris, 9, complained of feeling pinches and bites. They howled, writhed, went rigid and spoke gibberish. Friends and neighbors gathered in their house to pray and sing psalms. Weeks later, a well-meaning neighbor hit on a solution.

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  1. Feb 10, If you're interested in learning more about the Salem Witch Trials, you may want to read one of the many books published on the topic.

  2. Sep 27, 16 of the best fiction and nonfiction reads about the historical Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts.

  3. Hundreds of books have been written about the Salem Witch Trials since they first took place in

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