Dream about hyena chasing me

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dream about hyena chasing me

Hyena Nights Kalahari Days by Gus Mills

In this fascinating account of scientific study among forbidding wilderness, a husband-and-wife team describe their trek to the Kalahari to study the little-known brown hyena. The details of the scientific inquiry are provided while the daily challenges of living with children 420 kilometers from the nearest town are described. Despite the hardships, the couple becomes so enchanted by these intelligent animals that they stay for 12 years, documenting many hyena clans and observing behavior only a handful of people have ever seen.
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Hyena Meaning

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By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. The hyena is a very cunning animal. A hyena in dreams symbolizes your ability to overcome obstacles and problems, lack of scruples, guts, courage, resistance against enemies, responding in kind to enemies, and the talent to conquer through the failure of others. This dream shows that you are not taking life or your work position seriously. It is time to stop fearing success, and start moving forward with your life.

Seeing a hyena in a dream is a warning of imminent danger. A dream means that there are people nearby who can betray you, take away something valuable, and impose the unnecessary. Dream Interpretations suggest that to kill a hyena for a man means to outwit companions and businessmen who want to deceive; for a woman - to defeat an opponent. To meet with a flock of hyenas in a dream, to see them grin - means to step on an obstacle course, to learn about the illness of loved ones, to become a victim of secret enemies. It is especially bad if you dream that the animal bites , growls and attacks. Psychologists give the following interpretations of dreams about hyenas: A hyena that looks friendly and waging its tail — appearance of an intrusive person; Aggressive — unpleasant showdown in the family or among colleagues; To fight the animal and kill it — a dignified way out of a difficult situation; Being bitten by hyena — betrayal, deceit, cunningness of people around. Nervous overloads, physical fatigue, sudden ailments are exactly what a predator circling you in a dream and causing you to worry means.

Hyena — a reflection of undue noise or fun. The need to strengthen its pressure on anything as a reflection of the desire to "put pressure". If in a dream you see a hyena, in real life to you not to avoid troubles. Such dream warns about possible diseases which trap you or your relatives. It is especially bad if the hyena tries on you a misfortune. The dream in which you enter with a hyena a duel is favorable and win against her as it symbolizes your victory over difficulties. If you dream you see a hyena, in real life you can not avoid trouble.

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Hyena Dream Interpretation and Meaning

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Hyena is a signal of slander and secret enemy, who spreads rumors about you. If in a dream you see yourself running away from hyena, it is a herald of serious obstacles in real life. If you shoot this animal, it bodes that a stranger will help you out in a difficult situation. A fight with a hyena in a dream portends that in real life you have a chance to get rid of the competitors. To feed hyena foretells that you will have difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex; also it is a bad sign of health problems. Sometimes hyena reflects your desire for noisy and fun party, and you need to put pressure on someone. Hyena in the interpretation of personality represents a coward and insidious enemy.

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  1. With its insidious laugh, the hyena makes light ol mistakes in life, teaching you to give up self-torment.

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