What should i know about my best friend

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what should i know about my best friend

What My Best Friend Did by Lucy Dawson

A smart, chilling look at women’s lives in the tradition of Single White Female, What My Best Friend Did by Lucy Dawson is an intricate story, taut and thrilling, that will keep readers guessing. The author of The Other Lover, Dawson explores what happens when female friendship takes a turn for the worse, in this masterwork of edgy suspense in the popular vein of Sophie Hannah, Elizabeth Brundage, and Pam Lewis.
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We pride ourselves on knowing everything about our best friends, but there are always ways we could know our BFF even better.
Lucy Dawson

35 Things You Should Know About Your Best Friend

How much do you really know about your best friend? Test your knowledge and be sure to tag your bestie if you can answer all these questions. If you haven't come up with a nickname for them by now, are you really worthy of 'best friend' status? Mmmm mmm delicious. Whether it's red velvet cake, chocolate custard, or those grocery store frosted sugar cookies, you really know how to brighten up your friend's day.

The number of times in a month you're broke and how frustratingly bad you are at budgeting. The time when you ex broke up with you suddenly and how exactly you felt about that however embarrassing that may be The weirdest TV shows you follow because they watch those with you,. Your minimal understanding of worldly affairs because they put up with it AND. Precisely how many hours it takes for you to send out a text to your crush. Every little malfunction as well as development in your body.

2. Their favorite dessert

Forget Prince Charming — your best friend is truly your other half. You both have shared so much with each other by spending every waking moment you can get together, gossiping about everything you love and love to hate. That pretty much makes your BFF an expert on the subject of you, and just like in school, you can test your best friend's knowledge with a simple pop quiz. Because after all, there are just some things your best friend should know about you. If she fails, that could very well mean she's not really "your person.

On a recent road trip with my best friend , I came to a surprising realization: we've known each other for years, we live together, we spend all day texting and all night gabbing, and yet there's still plenty we don't know about each other. Somewhere in the midst of constant interaction and communication, we have failed to connect all the dots. There are things you can ask your best friend that will make your bond stronger — for instance, though I know that my best friend likes to watch old episodes of Seinfeld when she's sad, I don't know the right things to stay after she gets in a fight with her mom or gets rejected from a job she applied for. It occurred to me that many adult friendships, especially between roommates, can escalate quickly, creating a false sense of intimacy and closeness that takes an extra effort to create something more authentic and honest. Whilst stuck in traffic somewhere along the thruway, my best friend and I cycled through our usual topics: social gossip, celebrity rumors, family drama, relationship woes, financial stress, commentary on the news, and a lot of grunting and moaning regarding the slow pace of traffic.


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