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quotes about the trojan horse

Trojan Horse Quotes (8 quotes)

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Who reads the papers? - Yes, Prime Minister - BBC comedy

Religions are Trojan horses which conceal profoundly strange psychopathy strains. “Vengeance and glory are the ways of the Greeks and the Trojans. tags: glory, greek, greek-mythology, greek-myths, herdsmen, trojan, trojan-horse, trojan-war, vengeance, war.

Trojan Horse Quotations

Used to be afraid of dark rooms. Not any more. The demons reside inside me, like a trojan horse, a corrosive centrifugal force leaving no external wounds, just an unexplained sadness. Is the silence I seek the trojan horse in my life? Am I actually being controlled by these echoes that just don't fade away? Your love, monsoon raindrops, soothes my quenchless thirst.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "trojan-horse" Showing of 8. Religions are Trojan horses which conceal profoundly strange psychopathy strains. There's no other explanation for them. The sheer fear of death has been the main engine of religions for a very long time.

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Motherhood is the strangest thing, it can be like being one's own Trojan horse. That devilish Iron Horse, whose ear-rending neigh is heard throughout the town, has muddied the Boiling Spring with his foot, and he it is that has browsed off all the woods on Walden shore, that Trojan horse, with a thousand men in his belly, introduced by mercenary Greeks! Where is the country's champion, the Moore of Moore Hall, to meet him at the Deep Cut and thrust an avenging lance between the ribs of the bloated pest? Every collectivist revolution rides in on a Trojan horse of "emergency". It was the tactic of Lenin, Hitler, and Mussolini. In the collectivist sweep over a dozen minor countries of Europe, it was the cry of men striving to get on horseback.

After a fruitless year siege, the Greek armies left it before the gates of the city and sailed away. The Trojans then pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy, and those inside crept out of the horse in the night and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek forces, which had sailed back under cover of darkness. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, decisively ending the war. The idea was conceived by Odysseus , supported by the seer Calchas and built by Epeius. Metaphorically a "Trojan Horse" has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or place, thus a malicious computer program which tricks users into willingly running it is also called a "Trojan horse". Wikipedia has an article about: Trojan horse. Look up Trojan horse in Wiktionary , the free dictionary.

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