Published poems about self love

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published poems about self love

Poetry Quotes (14100 quotes)

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Published 28.12.2018

A Letter to Myself │Spoken Word Poetry

an unforgivable hurt and rage against someone you love is the worst kind of pain

Dear the demons inside me, …. I understand why you want to eat me alive, I mean, teenage girls smell of candy, flowers, the same red wine the gods drink and winds that Boreas sends from the North. We taste of bubblegum, crushed down dreams, swallowed down bits of our pride, nectar and ambrosia. In that case, I must taste great. I understand why you want to tear me apart from the inside out.

If you could describe her she is like water. A endless ocean of emotion and thought, you could swim through for weeks and never get tired of what she has too say. But I went back to her today and all I saw was sand, not a drop of water has been here for weeks. What made you dry your brain and bury it in the sand my dear? For I cannot survive without her water.

I have a note addressed to myself taped to a mirror. I'm scared of reading it aloud and being lead astray. And I have to accept that it's okay "I love you.
what qualities make beowulf a great hero

But like the innocent type of pretty.

A short love poem for your self is always in season. Almost nothing feels as good as coming back home… as being found., I looked at the woman I saw in the mirror.




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