Everything i need to know about fashion

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everything i need to know about fashion

In Fashion: From Runway to Retail, Everything You Need to Know to Break Into the Fashion Industry by Annemarie Iverson

If youve ever dreamed of working at Vogue, photographing supermodels, or outfitting celebrities, In Fashion will equip you with everything you need to know to get an “in” into fashion. Former beauty and fashion news director of Harpers Bazaar and editor in chief of Seventeen, Annemarie Iverson—the outsider’s insider—knows just how to get noticed and stay on top. In Fashion is packed with her insightful tips, along with advice from leaders at Michael Kors, Bergdorf Goodman, Condé Nast, and more. Straightforward, honest, and insightful, Iverson has put together a book that will help you determine your best fashion career fit will providing a bird’s eye view into the most elite fashion companies. Along the way, you’ll learn what school may be best for you, as well as how to write a chic resume, handle the pressures of a fast-paced environment, hone your skills to make you a success in your ideal job, and more. 
The most comprehensive guide available for a notoriously competitive industry, In Fashion exposes all of its seams, with plenty of details on what its like to work at dozens of of elite and cutting-edge companies. Whether youre just getting started or are considering a career switch, In Fashion offers all the resources you need to land your dream job in fashion.
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Published 28.12.2018

Everything You Need To Know About Fashion Week Q&A - Aimee Song

The Most Important Things You Should Know About Fashion

Trends come and go, but little black dresses, jeans that flatter your figure, and dressing for your body type will always be right. The following fashion tips will never go out of style. When it comes to fashion, we all love a good trend. It's nice to have something fresh and exciting to spice up the wardrobe from time to time. But nothing beats timeless style.

Ever since my days of carrying a purse to pre-school, I've known that I wanted to work in fashion. Last year, upon graduating from college, I landed my dream job here at BAZAAR , and in that time have found that working in fashion requires more than just reading magazines and blogs or watching The Devil Wears Prada. Here's what I've learned about navigating the fashion world so far :. Before starting a position in the industry, "Fashion Week" is an illustrious fantasy that seems like the most magical thing in the world. At moments it is, but it's actually a lot of work. Don't expect to spend your first job attending glam parties, getting snapped by street style photographers and sitting front row—there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that needs to get done and a lot of hours that go into it.

The rarified world of fashion can seem even more so when you're starting out, but even the Marc Jacobses and Phoebe Philos of the world had to start somewhere.
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A blog dedicated to tell the stories that make fashion history an inspiring journey through time.

To the uninitiated, fashion month might seem like a crazed cacophony of stomping stilettos, clinking champagne flutes, and roaring hairdryers. Well, it kind of is. Lasting four weeks, fashion month sees designers from around the world debut their latest collections in New York , London , Milan and Paris. Each city has its own distinct identity and aesthetic. Here is everything you need to know about fashion month, from who attends and why it matters to what each of the cities are known for. Fashion month is a four-week period that happens twice a year in February and September, during which designers showcase their collections for the season ahead.

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  2. We've long looked to our elders for sartorial inspiration, and not just because " geezer style " has been the toast of the menswear community for a minute.

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