Modern novels about unrequited love

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modern novels about unrequited love

Unrequited Love Book Lists

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Lists about: Hero in love with the heroine before she is with him, Unrequited Love , Dark The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell The Phantom Romance Novels where the Heroine Falls in Love First.

Top 10 Great Books About Unrequited Love

So much of fiction is about desire, a yearning of some kind or another … the love of reading itself a sort of intense affair. My book is a comedy: Evan and his friends make me smile. But these amusements are underpinned by some serious thinking about love stories and the meaning of fiction in our lives, with the following titles topping my list of inspirational work on that subject. The Canzoniere by Petrarch For a start, I had Petrarch in mind, and his great love for the year-old Laura, who the poet glimpsed coming out of church in and spent the rest of his life thinking about in the sequence of poems he wrote for her. The Divine Comedy by Dante Dante follows hard on his heels, of course, and was writing before him — his Divine Comedy a kind of early novel, as I think of it, in three parts, that was inspired by a similar kind of experience. Dante never knew his Beatrice either, yet the idea of her propelled his great work about visiting Hell and Purgatory and Heaven, to be met there by her: another fantasy made true in words.

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Carla: Ahhh I love some unrequited love stories. I want that deep ache. Do you remember my first and favorite from Kristen Ashley? And do you remember that punch to the gut when she overhead him… disgruntled about her being around? And oh boy, I wanted her to so prove a point. Prove him wrong.

While unrequited love can afflict much pain on the admirer, it can be entertaining to read some of the great books about unrequited love. When immersing yourself in books that feature unrequited love, it is only natural to sit at the edge of your seat and wonder if there will be a happy ending. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of the great modern books about unrequited love and a coming of age story all in one. As a cult-favorite tale, the book takes a unique look at life in high school and how experiences can be both funny and heartbreaking as you grow up and straddle the line between adolescence and adulthood. If you want to laugh and cry all at once, this book is an entertaining modern classic to try. Scott Fitzgerald is a well-known American author who penned many great books about unrequited love, but none as great as The Great Gatsby. Gatsby, deeply in love with Daisy, was not a victim of loving someone who did not love him.

Preferably one with more sunshine and less snow. As book lovers know, some of the greatest novels of all time feature stories of unrequited love : the longing, the heartache, the distraction of loving someone who cannot or will not ever love you back, the lengths one will go to move on from a love that simply cannot be. This might be the most epic — and recognized — tale of unrequited love ever written. If you're into that kind of thing. Click here to buy. But maybe — if only in the love department — we could all cut Scarlett some slack.

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