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books to read about politics

Popular To Read Politics Books

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Published 28.12.2018

10 Interesting Books About Philosophy

Make Your Own List.
Noam Chomsky

11 books that will make you smarter about politics

Most people will agree that we're in an unprecedented era of US politics, from our unorthodox president and the rise of social activism to the surge of women running for office. Plus, midterm elections are this year, so brushing up on your politics is a good idea if you want to be a meaningful part of the national conversation. Here are 11 books that will help you sharpen your political know-how, no matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on. This nonpartisan primer on the most pressing issues in American politics breaks down everything from health care and the economy to climate change and energy sources, including who stands on which side of each issue and why. The book examines fascist rule in the 20th century, including its warning signs and after-effects. Journalist David Halberstam spent three years researching and two years writing "The Best and the Brightest" to understand how the United States became mired in the Vietnam War. It also ended up serving as a guide to achieving power in America for a generation of future policy experts.

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Punch and Judy Politics

John M. Callahan, Ph.

The election is a little over a year away, with the Democratic presidential debates in full swing and Congressional races soon to heat up. We've rounded up the best 14 books to get keep you informed, from candidate memoirs and insider accounts of the Trump administration, to deep dives on issues like immigration, race, and gender. Even though the report was issued in April, the controversy surrounding Russia's involvement in the election remains unresolved. The former special counsel who conducted the investigation, Robert Mueller, will testify before Congress in July. Every Democratic candidate puts out a memoir before the election cycle kicks into gear—it's a political rite of passage.

During that time, and especially during the last ten years, sweeping changes have affected America. In an era where the news cycle is measured in hours, not days or weeks, it can be challenging to keep up to date on the underlying issues that have shaped American political history past and present. This epic list of 50 must-read books about American politics explores topics from a broad range of voices and perspectives, from feminism to fascism, parties to polling, and tribalism to globalism. These 50 best books should help you get up to speed with American politics. According to award-winning journalist and historian Colin Woodard, North America is made up of eleven distinct nations each with its own unique historical roots.

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