Books about mid century modern design

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books about mid century modern design

Popular Mid Century Modern Books

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Mid Century Modern Design Tips

The Innovators Issue: Junya Ishigama's genre-busting architecture, Sidewalk Labs and the future of the city, and more! With its exposed concrete shell and sliding glass panel walls, the house is considered one of his masterworks.
Cara Greenberg

Popular Mid Century Modern Books

The book explores the most desirable interiors, furniture, ceramics, glass, metalware and textiles of this hugely popular period. It features all the iconic designs and designers of the era, with price codes to help value and appraise your mid-century collection. The careers and influence of ground-breaking designers, including Alvar Aalto, Charles and Ray Eames, Robin and Lucienne Day, Arne Jacobsen and many others, are described in stand-alone feature pages. Key pieces including a number of previously unpublished examples are placed in an historical context with coverage of innovations in design, production methods and materials. Judith Miller began collecting in the s while a student at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

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This sophisticated A to Z picture book for adults is an illustrated journey through midcentury modern design, perfect for any reader with a keen eye for style. With eighty tales of design, laid out in a fun and easy-to-read A to Z format, design lovers will be reading this book to each other before bed. With an irreverent structure, this becomes a picture book for the refined adult. Each letter delves into one facet of this enduring era of design: midcentury modern homes, interior design, graphic design, and illustration, as well as the iconic personalities. This book delves right into the facts and does so light-heartedly. We learn of the grand inspirations, or sometimes it turns out the very simplest of ideas, which fueled these Goliaths of midcentury modern design.

Posted by George Sims on May 25, So here are three books on mid century furniture design that we love and one that confuses the hell out of us. This is just a great place to start for anyone who is both new to the topic and keen to learn more about what it all means. Eminently readable, this book offers a concise introduction into the influences of the period, the Scandinavian aesthetic and why many of the defining design choices were made. It also delivers a comprehensive appraisal of the work of so many important designers and manufacturers alongside the recurring characteristics of production regions.

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