Book lies we believe about god

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book lies we believe about god

Lies We Believe About God by William Paul Young

From the author of the twenty million plus copy bestselling novel The Shack and the New York Times bestsellers Cross Roads and Eve comes a compelling, conversational exploration of the wrong-headed ideas we sometimes have and share about God.

Wm. Paul Young has been called a heretic for the ways he vividly portrays God’s love through his novels. Here he shares twenty-eight commonly uttered and sometimes seemingly innocuous things we say about God. Paul exposes these as lies that keep us from having a full, loving relationship with our Creator.

With personal anecdotes and sharing the compassion readers felt from the “Papa” portrayed in The Shack—soon to be a major film starring Octavia Spencer, Sam Worthington and Tim McGraw—Paul encourages readers to think anew about important issues including sin, religion, hell, politics, identity, creation, human rights, and helping us discover God’s deep and abiding love.
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Bro. Henry interview W/ William Paul Young (Lies we believe about God)

Lies We Believe About God

Jump to navigation. It is full of words of encouragement about the God of the Bible who loves us and travels with us as we experience the good and bad of our lives. Young is a good writer who can tell a decent story. He is able to weave emotional narratives and motivational insights into an easy-to-read book. Yep, heresies such as universalism, no hell, God submits to us, denial of our sinful nature, denial of God's sovereignty, and a denial that sin separates us from God. I suspect that much of what Mr. Young speaks against theologically is because of his upbringing.

Jump to navigation. I Use them in my book review. I present these quotes here so that others can more fully see, with documentation, what Paul Young teaches. The underlines are my emphasis. Being around him was like walking through a minefield , with the explosive devices changing positions every night while I slept. My father was a missionary. He was the righteous man who was never wrong, and he was a strict disciplinarian.

I wrote what follows nearly a year ago. But as time goes on, I continue to see people adversely influenced by the theology expressed in this book. So I will go ahead and post it now. I wanted to believe the best, and not be quick to misunderstand or accuse. But as is often the case with false doctrine, the truth serves to make the error appear more credible. Many were able to overlook some of the theological problems while at the same time being impacted by the good they found. That you believe in universal salvation?

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Every human being is a child of God. God is a sexual being, equally male and female, with whom people have a relationship. The divine nature has been placed in all people. God does not have a plan for our lives. God is not in control of everything; he is an artist not a planner who often has to change his plan as he submits to our plans.

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  2. T he Shack has sold twenty million copies and along the way generated at least twenty million conversations.

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