Interesting facts about the celts for kids

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interesting facts about the celts for kids

The Cut-Throat Celts by Terry Deary

Never in my life did I imagine history could be so much fun! I loved how Terry talked about the Celts but still kept the book easy, understandable, and most importantly fun. These Horrible Histories books are intended for kids, so history is easier on them, but let me tell you, adults can enjoy them too. I learnt so much! And I never felt bored or anything. I mean, Ive always liked the Celts, but not every book was easy or nice to read. And this one provides a really good picture of the Celts, feels very complete, and it includes everything from where they lived, to the culture, costumes, calendars, all of it in nice digestible chunks. I think Im going to like these books very much, and theres a whole bunch of them.
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10 Interesting Facts About The Celts

The Celts were a large group of Caucasian tribes in Europe. They first appeared in the early Iron Age , around B. It's an interesting fact that the name 'Celt' comes from the Romans, and in fact, the Celts would never have used that word themselves. Their culture and genes spread through much of Europe, and by the time the Greeks and later the Romans started emerging, the British Isles and parts of western , southern and eastern Europe were Celtic - the most prominent Celtic tribes were in Gaul. The Celts spoke Celtic languages. Celtic society and technology, although not as advanced as the Romans, was far from being primitive for its time. The Celts lived a way of life based on ethical codes and honor codes and had developed a culture of their own, full of unique drawings, sculptures, jewellery, folklore , and building designs and techniques.

Celtic history is steeped in mystery.
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Who were the Celts?

The Celts were made up of many different tribes, but their way of life was very similar. Living through the Iron Age period, they grew from mid-Europe and slowly spread out over much of the rest of Europe. Wherever they settled, Celts would set up farms and small villages. Their houses were called roundhouses made of wood or stone and contained just one big room. Being very skilled the Celts made all their own iron weapons and tools.

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  1. The Celts lived during the Iron Age, from about BC to 43 AD. The Iron Age ended when the Romans invaded Britain and set up their own civilisation and government. Druids, who were priests in Celtic society, tried to figure out what the gods wanted.

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