What does the bible say about self improvement

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what does the bible say about self improvement

The Me I Want to Be Quotes by John Ortberg

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Published 27.12.2018


The Bible and Self Development

The popularity of self-improvement, or self-help, books throughout the history of publishing is rather amazing. Since self is the fundamental focus of self-improvement, we need to give some serious thought to what it is. The belief in inherent goodness is involved in all psychological counseling—and not as an option; it is foundational. The reason is obvious. If a person is not inherently good but has a fundamental defect in his nature that affects to some degree every aspect of his life, there is nothing a psychotherapist can do to alter the defect and its ultimate consequences. There are more than different psychotherapies that have been conjured up to do just that.

Click here to listen to this material as a free MP3 recorded message. Have you ever had difficulty trying to change a habit? Human beings are creatures of habit. We tend to continue acting as we have acted in the past. Like a river flowing through a canyon, the longer a habit continues, the more deeply it becomes ingrained, and the harder it is to change.

What does the Bible say about?
history of native american storytelling

Step2: Believe You Can Change with God's Help.

I grew up in a secular environment. By that, I mean that while we attended a denominational church every week, the notion of a born-again, spirit-filled believer was as foreign to me as a person from another planet would have been in our little upstate New York town. After school and a stint in the Navy, I wound up in the family business, where I found myself trying to motivate our sales force to higher levels of production. A friend sold me a self-development program and soon I was buying more for our sales staff. Sales performance soared as our salespeople began to realize that they could do much better, for us and themselves, by activating more of their untapped potential for success. During this time I saw thousands of lives changed for the better. And indeed much of what passes for self-development these days is dangerously close to being just that.

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