Interesting information about william shakespeare

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interesting information about william shakespeare

101 Amazing Facts about William Shakespeare by Jack Goldstein

Did you know Shakespeare introduced thousands of words into the English language, amongst them alligator, eyeball and swagger? Do you know what unusual item he left to his wife in his will? Have you heard of the conspiracy theory that suggests Shakespeare didnt write the plays we attribute to him today? This fascinating book contains over one hundred facts about William Shakespeare, organised into categories for easy reading. Whether you are studying the bard for a project or you are interested in finding out more about the English speaking worlds greatest ever author, this is the book for you.
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Straight Outta Stratford-Upon-Avon - Shakespeare's Early Days: Crash Course Theater #14

Please take your seats, the show is about to commence! All settled?
Jack Goldstein

20 Facts that You Don't Know about William Shakespeare

Widely regarded as the greatest ever writer of the English language, William Shakespeare wrote 38 plays, two long poems, sonnets and other short poems. Often called the Bard of Avon, Shakespeare was not only a great writer, but he was also an astute businessman and, unlike many other famous poets, he made a relative fortune in his time from productions of his plays and his own acting appearances. Interestingly, though, not all the words of Shakespeare are his own. As was the accepted practice at the time, Shakespeare did collaborate with other writers on some of his works and he used other writers in some of his most famous plays. In fact, some people even claim that Shakespeare did not write any of his own works. Shakespeare was born and brought up in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. He married Anne Hathaway, who was heavily pregnant at the time, at the age of 18 and he had three children Susanna, Hamnet and Judith.

The son of a tenant farmer , John Shakespeare was nothing if not upwardly mobile. He arrived in Stratford-upon-Avon in and began dabbling in various trades, selling leather goods, wool, malt and corn. John later became a moneylender and held a series of municipal positions, serving for some time as the mayor of Stratford. In the s he fell into debt and ran into legal problems for reasons that remain unclear. Six months after the wedding, the Shakespeares welcomed a daughter, Susanna, and twins Hamnet and Judith followed in February His wife and their two children who lived to adulthood, Susanna and Judith, are thought to have been illiterate, though Susanna could scrawl her signature.

Twenty Interesting Things About…Shakespeare

William Shakespeare lived through one of the most turbulent yet thrilling eras of English history — a period of plague, riots and political and religious tensions — and went on to become one of history's most famous playwrights. It was a man named Donald L Holmes who first discovered the anagram, possibly while musing about the frivolity of early modern orthography the art of writing words with the proper letters. Indeed, he could not even decide how to spell his own name.

There is documentary proof that Shakespeare was baptised on 26th April , and scholars believe that, in keeping with the traditions of the time, he would have been baptised when he was three days old, meaning Shakespeare was probably born on April 23rd. John came to Stratford from Snitterfield before as an apprentice glover and tanner of leathers. He prospered and began to deal in farm products and wool before being elected to a multitude of civic positions. Shakespeare had seven siblings: Joan b , only lived 2 months ; Margaret b ; Gilbert b ; another Joan b ; Anne b ; Richard b and Edmund b Shakespeare married his wife Anne Hathaway when he was Their first child Susanna was born six months after the wedding.

I live in the country. Welcome to my frontier! No depth…just breadth. William Shakespeare was born in , but his exact birthdate is unknown. He was baptized on April 26 of that year, so his birth would have been shortly before. Shakespeare was eighteen when he married Anne Hathaway in She was 26 and expecting his baby.

Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers in history! This well-spoken playwright is still recognized by all generations, which is unlikely to change anytime soon. William Shakespeare was born sometime in April His exact birth date is unknown. The total count of his surviving works consists of about 39 plays, sonnets, two narrative poems and other unclassified works.

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