Interesting facts about laki volcano

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interesting facts about laki volcano

Island on Fire: The Extraordinary Story of a Forgotten Volcano That Changed the World by Alexandra Witze

Laki is Iceland’s largest volcano. Its eruption in 1783 is one of history’s great, untold natural disasters. Spewing out sun-blocking ash and then a poisonous fog for eight long months, the effects of the eruption lingered across the world for years.  It caused the deaths of people as far away as the Nile and created catastrophic conditions throughout Europe.

Island on Fire is the story not only of a single eruption but the people whose lives it changed, the dawn of modern volcanology, as well as the history—and potential—of other super-volcanoes like Laki around the world. And perhaps most pertinently, in the wake of the eruption of another Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, which closed European air space in 2010, acclaimed science writers Witze and Kanipe look at what might transpire should Laki erupt again in our lifetime.
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Documentary: 1783 Iceland Eruption

Podcast: Play in new window Download Duration: — Iceland is home to volcanoes and as of today, 30 of them are active. While the country has experienced 13 eruptions since it was settled in AD , none has been as devastating as the Laki eruption that started in and lasted for 8 months!
Alexandra Witze

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The Laki volcano is located in Iceland. Divergent boundaries are located on the ocean floor. This divergent boundary creates mid-ocean spreading centers, also known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This volcano is located above this boundary. The Laki volcano is also part of a chain of volcanoes that form from a hotspot. The Laki volcano is a shield volcano, meaning that the volcano is a large, gently sloped volcano made entirely out of lava volcanoes form when lava or pyroclastic material builds up around a vent.

Where the Laki Volcano is Located

It wasn't a enormous explosion like many people associate with giant eruptions, nothing like Tambora or Krakatau. However, it did have a profound impact on people living around the entire Northern Hemisphere for years afterwards, although the direct impact the eruption had on the Earth's climate is still a widely debated and researched topic. In honor of this anniversary, I thought I'd try to give a brief primer on the eruption and why it is such an important eruption, both in terms of Icelandic volcanism and its global impact. That volume might be hard to visualize, but That means that Laki erupted 3. That is pretty remarkable!

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