Best books about the masters golf tournament

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best books about the masters golf tournament

The Making of the Masters: Clifford Roberts, Augusta National, and Golfs Most Prestigious Tournament by David Owen

The Masters. For any golf fan, the words evoke the immortal greats of the game and their quest for the most prized trophy of all -- the green jacket of Augusta National Golf Club.
But behind the legendary links and timeless traditions is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood figures in the history of the Masters and Augusta National: Clifford Roberts, the clubs chairman from its founding in 1931 until shortly before his death in 1977. Roberts meticulous attention to detail, his firm authoritarian hand, and his refusal to settle -- even for perfection -- helped build the Masters into the tournament it is today, and Augusta National into every golfers idea of heaven on earth.
David Owen was granted unprecedented access to the archives and records of Augusta National Golf Club. He has produced an honest and affectionate chronicle of the Masters, from its conception to its modern greatness, and a fascinating portrayal of Clifford Roberts -- whose perseverance and pride forged the Augusta National we know today.
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Roberts amplified Jones. Together, they made a fetish out of monitoring the behavior of everyone in or near their tournament. Some people buy into the mythos of Augusta, and you may be one. So, fair warning: If you prefer to believe that walking those holy fairways will induce a state of golf nirvana, or that the Masters is a noble-minded fairy tale come to life, you may want to skip this. The remarkable aspect of the Masters is that it quickly became the most prestigious major despite being the youngest of them all. Open, and 74 years after Willie Park Sr.

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It appears your browser may be outdated. For the best website experience, we recommend updating your browser. Preparation is key when it comes to improving your chances at Augusta National Golf Club. For Rory McIlroy, that meant getting in a hole cram session last week before the tee sheet started to fill up during Masters week. With nine Masters appearances under his belt, McIlroy has an advantage over the first-timers in the field. Experience is king. It's one of the reasons why only three players have ever won in their first Masters appearance.

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