Thought provoking questions about feminism

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thought provoking questions about feminism

The F-word - TALKING POINTS: Thought provoking questions Showing 1-50 of 73

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Published 26.12.2018

Women Answer Questions Men Are Too Afraid To Ask

Frequently Asked Questions For Feminists

We've all met someone who is otherwise reasonably minded who says they are " not a feminist. However, it might be more beneficial to, rather than go on the offensive, ask some questions of the person who has declared themselves "not a feminist. They're just confused or turned off, for whatever reason, about the word "feminism" and identifying as feminist. It's our responsibility to try to understand different perspectives, and of course, feminism is not supposed to be antagonistic. It's supposed to educate and illuminate and create changes that promote gender equality , and when we're competitive, sometimes that can reduce the point we're trying to make.

14 questions all confused feminists have asked themselves full of interesting opinion articles and thought-provoking pieces about women's.
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Ninia Binias: “Too small to have a child.”

Jun 16, PM. Does a feminist pay her own way on a date? Does a feminist ask the man out? Your thoughts? Gentlemen feel free to chime in.

What are the vital issues that women and feminists in Canada and Germany today consider to be of burning importance, what are they concerned about? And what else is there still to do? This is a showcase of people who are involved in the field of culture and who are dealing with the currently most pressing feminist issues and debates. How do women juggle the demands of their relationships, caring for the family and being gainfully employed? In German society single mothers or fathers are equally as prevalent as patchwork families, queer, trans or polyamourous relationships. Women are still being forced into the classic role of nursing and nurturing. But what ways of living together fit in with today's world?

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  1. And thank God for that — the problems and struggles are out in the open and being talked about.

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