Quotes about change in business

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quotes about change in business

Change Management Quotes (94 quotes)

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Published 26.12.2018

Inspirational quotes about change and growth in business

These inspirational change quotes about life will inspire you when times to change faster than your competition, customers, and business.

Top 20+ awesome quotes on change management

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Do you need a business quotation for your newsletter, business presentation, website, or inspirational posters? These change and change management quotes will help you encourage employee motivation , employee engagement , and provide inspiration to your staff, whatever business you work in. Most importantly, these quotes about change and change management will help those around you reach new levels of success, in business, and in life. Change, while scary, can result in continuous improvement that will take your breath away. The key to the ability to change is a changeless sense of who you are, what you are about, and what you value. In our roles of authority, such as a parent, teacher, or boss, we are particularly quick to direct others to change. Such directives often fail, and we respond to the resistance by increasing our efforts.

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Quotes about change in business - Positive quotes about change in business

It's often said that change is the only constant in life. Yet humans are evolutionarily predisposed to resist change because of the risk associated with it. Despite this resistance to change, it is more important than ever. Napoleon once said, "One must change one's tactics every 10 years if one wishes to maintain one's superiority. Organizations and people that don't embrace change are bound to lose ground and stagnate. When you are anxiously anticipating a change--or in the midst of a challenging one--grab one of these quotes to help you or your team plow through it. The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.

To that end, we find it helps to consult the vast wisdom of others, across professions and spheres of influence. One big thing people struggle to manage in leadership is change, not just adapting to it, but leading it from the top. To help leaders who are in charge of leading change, we compiled 25 quotes about managing change and championing change to your stakeholders. And share your favorite quotes about change in the comments or by tweeting DougConant. I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers.

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  1. These funny and inspirational quotations about dealing with change come from business principals, great achievers, and famous thought leaders.

  2. Fall is upon us—the air is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and soon there will be autumn leaves collecting at our feet in tiny ochre.

  3. Do you need a business quotation for your newsletter, business presentation, website, or inspirational posters? These change and change.

  4. Change is the name of the retail industry game—rapid, relentless, unforgiving change.

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