Books about clouds and weather

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books about clouds and weather

The Book of Clouds by John A. Day

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See the sky as you never have before. Using a series of his awe-inspiring images, photographer and scientist John Day--who has a Ph.D. in cloud physics and is known round the world as The Cloudman--introduces us to earths great skyscape. His spectacular portfolio of pictures captures a variety of cloud forms and shapes, ranging from cottony-soft cumulus clouds to frightening, whirling funnels, as well as a number of optical effects, such as coronas and halos, seen in the heavens above. A magnificent cloud chart; an explanation of clouds formation; hints on forecasting, observing, and photographing clouds; and his Ten Reasons to Look Up teach us to use our inner eye to really perceive those familiar fleeting forms.

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The Book of Clouds

An at-a-glance guide to the clouds for anyone taking part in outdoor activities on land or at sea, anywhere in the world. This book is an accessible and practical handbook for predicting the weather by recognizing cloud types, shapes, color, and behavior. TV forecasts, online predictions and smartphone apps are all based on the same data—a number-crunched overview of how air pressure and temperature will have an impact on the weather across a large geographical area. You just need to look up. With this book in hand, you will get a broad understanding of why the clouds are symptoms of weather patterns, not causes. People have been reading signs in the sky for thousands of years, and with clear, full-color photographs, this book shows you exactly what those signs mean.

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Sharing is caring - thank you for spreading the word! The weather is a fascinating subject to study. And indeed, I learned so much about various weather patterns during our homeschool weather unit. The books reviewed below include primarily, but not exclusively, non-fiction works. Unlike some of the other books reviewed herein, this book is not as focused on teaching kids about the weather, but is more just a fun story that deals with weather. Then various animals suggest their favorite weather, like dry weather for the lizard and rain for the frog.

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