Facts about david in the bible

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facts about david in the bible

Fascinating Bible facts: People, places, & events by David M. Howard Jr.

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He was anointed by Samuel to be king of Israel. Saul was king at that time, but the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and came upon David (1Samuel 16). David committed a grevious sin of adultery, deceit, and murder, regarding Bathsheba and her husband Uriah.
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The Life of King David

David, the second king of the Israelites reigned ca. David was born in Bethlehem, the youngest son of Jesse of the tribe of Judah. The prophet Samuel, after revoking Saul's designation as king, secretly anointed David as Saul's successor. David attained great popularity by killing the Philistine giant Goliath in combat 1 Samuel , although another biblical source attributes this feat to one named Elhanan 2 Samuel A skilled harpist, David was brought to the royal court to divert Saul with music and alleviate the depression that Saul had succumbed to under the strain of his responsibilities. At court David won the undying friendship of the crown prince, Jonathan, whose sister Michal he married. After Saul's jealousy had forced David to flee for his life, he had two opportunities to slay the King but magnanimously spared him.

David was a king of Israel who helped unify the kingdom, making Jerusalem the capital. Here are other more interesting facts about King David that you may or may not know. David was anointed King for the third time in Hebron. The first was in Bethlehem and the second was also in Hebron. David was a shepherd boy, but he was not just an ordinary shepherd boy.

At a young age he tended his father's sheep, a job usually reserved for the LEAST esteemed of the family or its servants. The prophet Samuel makes a special trip to Bethlehem and anoints him the next king of Israel. God chose David to replace Saul who would someday lose his life because he departed from His ways. A few years after his anointing, David fights and takes the life of Goliath the giant, who was a Philistine living in Gath. His basic faith led the future king to conclude that God would ultimately defend those who are his, something the entire Israelite army lacked the faith to accept. Their focus was on how experienced and physically powerful was the enemy's champion Goliath.

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In the biblical narrative , David is a young shepherd who gains fame first as a musician and later by killing the enemy champion Goliath. He becomes a favorite of King Saul and a close friend of Saul's son Jonathan. Worried that David is trying to take his throne, Saul turns on David. After Saul and Jonathan are killed in battle, David is anointed as King. David conquers Jerusalem , taking the Ark of the Covenant into the city, and establishing the kingdom founded by Saul. As king, David commits adultery with Bathsheba , leading him to arrange the death of her husband Uriah the Hittite.

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