Poems about the heart science

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poems about the heart science

Human Heart Quotes (24 quotes)

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Published 25.12.2018

The Heart Song

The heart is the organ which pumps blood throughout the circulatory system. The human heart is made up of cardiac muscle, which must keep working throughout your lifetime. From the right ventricle the blood passes through the pulmonary arteries to the lungs where it receives oxygen.


You answered the call: We received dozens of submissions—in four different languages! You can find some of our favorite entries below. Thanks to all of our readers who submitted poems! In no particular order, here are some of our favorites:. Without you, I just spin one-half of what our world could be But you and I will couple soon in perfect symmetry. All fundamental forces, we are meant to unify In brilliant theory only love itself could clarify Now though I may seem hypercharged and strongly interactive, I must show my true colors if I hope to be attractive. Some people wish for one true love, like dear old Ma and Pa.

There are those who, in expression of their various poetry-oriented anxieties, would say that poetry feels like rocket science. But poetry is not rocket science, except to the extent to which poetry and science work together. It could be argued, I suppose, that without science there might be no poetry. One could also wonder if the opposite would be true. Who alterest all things with thy peering eyes.

What incredible wonder is the human heart! All our body functions will come to a halt Though a sinewy piece of fibrous flesh Not bigger than a man's closed fist It is the seat of umpteen thoughts and emotions Spacious enough to give habitation to many A wondrous magic casket holding love and hate A pouch that can contain so much of treasure A sponge that can absorb so much of pain A hidden cave to stash away so many secrets So deep and vast as a fathomless sea So full of spiraling eddies and currents Who can fathom its horrendous depths? Who can explore its hidden recesses and crevices? At times it lies still like a silent lake Placid and unperturbed without even a ripple At times boils and spills with emotions and feelings Pounding like lashing waves of a stupendous sea Sometimes like a swift bird in flight It takes off on wings to alarming heights Or like a gambler's horse on the race track It keeps galloping in lightning speed Sometimes it is hard and resistant as a rock Insensitive and unfeeling as a clump of wood There is nothing greater vouchsafed to man Than the gift of an ever loving palpable heart! Report Reply.

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Born in Salem, Massachusetts, poet, playwright, and translator Ariana Reines earned a BA from Barnard College, and completed graduate work at both Columbia University and the European Graduate School, where she studied literature, performance, and philosophy. Her books of poetry include The Cow , which Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library. Newsletter Subscribe Give.

And yet it is part of the mesmerism of poetry that the exact mechanism by which it grips the soul remains ever-elusive. But in the preface to the second edition of his Lyrical Ballads , found in the fantastic anthology The Harvard Classics: Prefaces and Prologues to Famous Books public library , the celebrated poet William Wordsworth April 7, —April 23, makes an admirable effort to illuminate its mysteries as he considers the nature, purpose, and intricate art of poetry, and its relation to science. By the foregoing quotation it has been shown that the language of Prose may yet be well adapted to Poetry; and it was previously asserted, that a large portion of the language of every good poem can in no respect differ from that of good Prose. We will go further. It may be safely affirmed, that there neither is, nor can be, any essential difference between the language of prose and metrical composition. We are fond of tracing the resemblance between Poetry and Painting, and, accordingly, we call them Sisters: but where shall we find bonds of connexion sufficiently strict to typify the affinity betwixt metrical and prose composition?

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  1. The heart is the organ which pumps blood throughout the circulatory system. The human heart is made up of cardiac muscle, which must keep working throughout your lifetime. The human heart has four chambers, through which blood passes.

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