3 interesting facts about frida kahlo

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3 interesting facts about frida kahlo

Who Was Frida Kahlo? by Sarah Fabiny

You can always recognize a painting by Kahlo because she is in nearly all--with her black braided hair and colorful Mexican outfits. A brave woman who was an invalid most of her life, she transformed herself into a living work of art. As famous for her self-portraits and haunting imagery as she was for her marriage to another famous artist, Diego Rivera, this strong and courageous painter was inspired by the ancient culture and history of her beloved homeland, Mexico. Her paintings continue to inform and inspire popular culture around the world.
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Frida Kahlo FUN Facts!

Frida Kalo Facts

Frida Kahlo is known worldwide as one of the most revolutionary self-portrait artists. She had a difficult life but produced some of the finest paintings ever created by a Latin American painter. She remains a feminist icon for the way she led her life. Here are 10 interesting facts about this great Mexican painter. The Mexican Revolution began three years after her birth.

41. A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

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  1. A look at 8 surprising facts about the life and legacy of Frida Kahlo, from culture —and disguise the fact that she was older—she shaved three.

  2. Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, in Coyoacan, Mexico City, but she often told people she was born in , 3 years after her actual birth, so that people would directly associate her with the Mexican Revolution that began in

  3. Frida Kahlo's life and work were defined by pain and perseverance. Read on He later recounted, "Something strange had happened. Frida.

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