Good things about living forever

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good things about living forever

Live Forever Quotes (18 quotes)

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Published 24.12.2018

The Reason Why We Can't Live Forever

I was thinking I'd put reasons for deciding to live forever into a list, so here intuition more, which can lead to all sorts of REALLY EXCITING things. 4. life that you're going to die must surely not be very good for your health.

What would life look like if we lived forever?

But death takes us all no matter our preference. Most cultures have some version of this mythos, built to teach us that death is a duty, and aging is a means of learning the resolve to face our grave obligation with dignity. Sabretooths, gangrene, common colds: Death was always just around the corner. It therefore made good sense to sugarcoat and proclaim the nobility of passing on to the next world, the next body, or simply blinking into nothing. What do you see?

Of course I would want to live forever – Emily Wilson

Anyone who's passed the age of 35 knows that we're not built to last. Many of us will slog it out to 76 years, the expected lifetime for American males -- females get two thousand extra days -- but even when young, our bodies barely work, and that marginal situation only worsens as the decades drone on. It's worth noting that a lifetime of four-score and seven is a new problem for our species. If you lived in Egypt two hundred generations ago, perhaps with a gratifying job as stone chiseler in Giza, you wouldn't worry much about career burnout. You'd be dead by age forty.

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