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tell me something interesting about you

Tell Me Something Real by Calla Devlin

Three sisters struggle with the bonds that hold their family together as they face a darkness settling over their lives in this masterfully written debut novel.

There are three beautiful blond Babcock sisters: gorgeous and foul-mouthed Adrienne, observant and shy Vanessa, and the youngest and best-loved, Marie. Their mother is ill with leukemia and the girls spend a lot of time with her at a Mexican clinic across the border from their San Diego home so she can receive alternative treatments.

Vanessa is the middle child, a talented pianist who is trying to hold her family together despite the painful loss that they all know is inevitable. As she and her sisters navigate first loves and college dreams, they are completely unaware that an illness far more insidious than cancer poisons their home. Their world is about to shatter under the weight of an incomprehensible betrayal…
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Published 24.12.2018

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You mean during Job interviews? Interesting things could be something related to your hobbies and pls for God"s sake don't mention dancing.
Calla Devlin

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself in an Interivew?

When you first start searching for a job and get invited to a couple of interviews, you may feel overwhelmed at first, because it is all new to you and sometimes new things can be a little scary, so it is a completely normal feeling. But after some time and couple more interviews you will probably get used to the concept and manage to anticipate almost every question they are going to ask you. You will probably practice at home with your friends and think you are ready for anything they throw at you. And then you hear that one question, that can stun you and leave you thinking for a couple of seconds, which is of course enough for the interviewer to notice that you have been pretending and that, in fact, you are not so sure about yourself as it may have seemed before. That is why in this text, I am going to explain how to answer that and some other questions, how to mention some fun facts about yourself in your resume and during the interview.

Coming across as unprepared while answering this question can be a big disadvantage. It gives the interviewer a negative first impression and shows you were poorly prepared. But I have good news! If you have hobbies and interests that are related to the job or reflect well on your overall personality, be forthcoming in sharing those. At the same time, keep the bigger perspective in mind that you are here to get a job. Talk About Your Achievements S o Far Some recruitment experts may advise you to talk only about professional achievements, but you should also talk about your personal ones.

Interview icebreakers like 'Tell us an interesting fact about yourself' are the worst. But even a small achievement can be transformed into something interesting.
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Be prepared

I've only had this happen once in an interview, but it comes up a lot at networking sessions and as an "ice breaker" in other situations. It's a bit awkward sometimes to answer this "funny facts about me" interview question, so it's best to be prepared. Some tips on topics you could talk about without seeming too unprofessional. Usually, it's best to check with some friends who will be honest with you before settling on a few answers to this "fun facts" question that you can go to confidently when this inevitably pops up! The WSO investment banking interview course is designed by countless professionals with real world experience, tailored to people aspiring to break into the industry. This guide will help you learn how to answer these questions and many, many more. Investment Banking Interview Course Here.

Tell us something you find interesting about yourself. It can be your taste in music, the way you fold your clothing, any strange quirks you exhibit for instance, I have OCD , or how in love with your cats you are. I have the astonishing ability to bull shit anything. Yesterday I shat out an in depth paper on a poem about Hansel and Gretel. Took me 20 minutes total. Oh and no saying "But I'm not interesting" I have the ability to count things without thinking about it.

Icebreakers like this are the worst; the ones which put you on the spot and challenge you to be the most fantastically interesting and cool person possible in 0. Or if all else fails, the time you successfully ate 20 chicken nuggets in one sitting or won the gold cup on Mario Kart will do. So what do you do? How do you respond questions like this on the spot and keep your cool? Debut are here to save the day, with our top tips. For every interview you go into you should prepare for all eventualities.

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