Hadith about quran in arabic

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hadith about quran in arabic

Hadith Quotes (51 quotes)

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Hadith of the Quran and Sunnah

Rashad Khalifa, Ph. Imam, Mosque of Tucson, Arizona, U. Often crucial sections in the Arabic have been highlighted. Unfortunately, inclusion of the Arabic images would increase the size of this document significantly and take a long time to load. The original book can be ordered from: Masjid Tucson, P. Box , Tucson, AZ or from Amazon.

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Short Hadees for kids in English - short hadith in arabic and english for children

In addition, that house will shimmer for the people of the sky, just like the stars shimmer for the people on the Earth. Therefore, busy yourselves with the recitation of it, for Allah - The Mighty and Glorious — grants the reward of ten good deeds to you for every letter which is recited. Recite it beautifully for it is the most beneficial of narrations. One who takes it as a guide, Allah will lead that person into Heaven; and whoever disregards it or goes against it, will be lead into the Hell fire. And the person who listens to even one verse of the book of Allah - this is better for him than possessing a mansion of gold.

The Quran is the primary sacred text of Islam , and is made up of the recorded revelations that Muhammad received over a year period that he share with his close associates. The word "qur'an" in Arabic means "recitation" which, in this case, is a reference to Muhammad's experience of reciting from memory the revelations as he received them from God via the angel Gabriel, and also his act of reciting them to his close associates not long after receiving them. The Quran is understood by Muslims everywhere to be the literal words of God in Arabic. This is significantly different view of the sacred text than that of the other Abrahamic faiths. While Judaism and Christianity certainly revere their respective texts as divinely inspired, very few among them although there are a few believe them to be literally, word for word, the actual words of God. But, this is what the Quran is for Muslims - the actual words of God as they came to Muhammad in Arabic.

The advocates of hadith are fond of saying that the hadith explains the Quran without which, they say the Quran cannot be understood. In other words without hadith they will have to reject the Quran or at least ignore it. The scholars also say that the hadith they call "Sahih Bukhary" is the best hadith. It can be easily proved that the hadith does not in any way explain the Quran and that the "Sahih Bukhari" is not worth the papers it is printed on. For evidence please refer to, and check all references of "Sahih Al-Bukhary" by Dr. The other eight volumes prescribe things like drinking camels urine to cure fevers vol 7, hadith no , burning people first and then their houses if they do not go the mosque on time, vol.

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