Good things about living forever

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good things about living forever

Live Forever Quotes (18 quotes)

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Published 24.12.2018

Can We Really Live Forever? - Unveiled

I was thinking I'd put reasons for deciding to live forever into a list, so here intuition more, which can lead to all sorts of REALLY EXCITING things. 4. life that you're going to die must surely not be very good for your health.

Living Forever Is Not a Good Idea

Pick your favorite age. You are healthy, career thriving, family intact at least pretend! Would you like to live forever at that age, in that health, with those friends and family members also living forever with you? Immortality, on earth? How about an extra fifty or one hundred years or two hundred beyond your present life expectancy? Would an immortal human life be incredibly boring or is a good human life so good it's worth living to eternity? Why do we want to avoid death?

Living forever: Is it worth it?

Because you are more likely to find solutions for health and relationship issues. Partly because you would not want to put up with them forever, but more because your outlook is more likely to bring you into contact with people and ideas that can really help.

But death takes us all no matter our preference. Most cultures have some version of this mythos, built to teach us that death is a duty, and aging is a means of learning the resolve to face our grave obligation with dignity. Sabretooths, gangrene, common colds: Death was always just around the corner. It therefore made good sense to sugarcoat and proclaim the nobility of passing on to the next world, the next body, or simply blinking into nothing. What do you see? Probably your loved ones milling about, right?

Immortality is no picnic: living to see all your childhood friends and great grandchildren die, having to drift from place to place or be chased out of town as a witch, and have to crawl across the Sahara for three weeks without food or water with a broken leg because you can't die. But hey! You're alive! And you know what? Life is awesome! Want to learn to speak Swahili and six other languages?

If you lived for an infinite amount of time, anything that can happen to you will, by definition, happen to you. That means you will die. So the concept of immortality is a paradox in an of itself. Secondly, you will also suffer infinite pain. Pain is worse than happiness is good. The fact that we only have a limited amount of time on this earth is one of the main things that give our lives meaning. It encourages us to make the best use of our time and to experience as much of what this world has to offer while we still have a chance to.

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  1. Jeanne Calment of France was born in , and died in , at the age of , the oldest verifiable age for a human being.

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