Little known facts about walt disney world

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little known facts about walt disney world

Little-Known Facts About Well-Known Places Series by Laurie Flannery

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Published 23.12.2018

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One of the best parts of a Disney World vacation is discovering all the weird and unusual trivia found there No gum is sold in Disney parks. If you're a chewer, better bring your own along. Hidden Mickey's can be found everywhere. A hidden Mickey is the 3 circle silhouette of the head and ears of Mickey Mouse disguised and subtly hidden in decor, rock formations, table settings and designs of all sorts. Thousands of hidden Mickey's have been recorded and more included with each park update. Disney World has only closed three times since it first opened in

No American institution is so equally beloved and reviled as Walt Disney World, the epicenter of childhood fantasy and fanny-pack couteur in central Florida. Take it from a Disneyphile -- we love to swap Disney trivia, not simply out of affection, but because some of this stuff is fascinating, impressive, or genuinely bizarre.
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Still, when your resort welcomes millions of guests each year, there are a whole bunch of experiences to manage. From its hidden underground tunnels that only a select few will ever see to its 30, guest rooms that would take 68 years to stay in, Disney World has a lot going on that most guests never see—or know about. Buildings taller than feet are required to flash aviation lights. And, of course, that would ruin some of the magic. To use the system, custodians remove trash and dump it into special processors.

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