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Who Can You Trust? by Lauren Day

How I Came To Read This Book: Back in the 90s/early millenium there was an excellent (imo) series of computer games for girls produced by Purple Moon. What was perhaps more remarkable than the games was the insane online community (and support) the games had - think of it as an early facebook/myspace. Anyway, they also had a ton of merchandise, including a line of books.

The Plot: Apparently the plot of this book (the first in the series) has to do with Rockett finding a photo of the most popular girl in school - Nicole - that proves Nicole lied about her fabulous summer in Paris. Yet the web gets ever-tangled as Rockett must decide whether its really worth it to expose Nicole for who she is.

The Good or Bad: This book was a good example of a simple situation blown out of proportion - which is the basis for most of the Purple Moon books and scenarios in their games. On one hand, its a great representation of preteen angst. On the other, it may encourage kids to be overdramatic. Who knows!

Anything Memorable?: Fraid not. I think I bought all of these books at Chapters.

Bottom Line: A good, fun, young adult read.

50 Book Challenge?: Nope.

Retro Review: The first book in the Rockett series is the longest one and its totally exciting finding out what the characters are going to do and their reactions, one of the features of the book. Its funny because of the previous war between Rockett & Nicole [play the pM games] and finding out how Rockett uses her Nicole picture to give Nicole what she deserves...or does she?
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Rockett's New School ~ Full Playthrough

CD-ROM game for Windows 95 and Macintosh, originally released in
Lauren Day

How Rockett's New School Was The Mean Girls Of '90s Games

Rocketts New School is an English visual novel that was released in by the defunct game developerpublisher Purple Purple Moon Join Rockett as she faces 8th grade as the new girl at school There are lots of unfamiliar faces and This is a video showing off the backpack screen. Unlike the Hidden Hallway in later games, you can only look at the items in Rocketts Tricky Decision is an English visual novel and the 2nd release in the Rocketts World series of games by the defunct Rocketts Camp Adventures is an English visual novel and the 5th release in the Rocketts World series of games by the defunct Rocketts Secret Invitation is an English visual novel and the 3rd release in the Rocketts World series of games by the defunct

Rockett's New School is the first title in the Rockett Series.
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Rockett's New School is a visual novel video game that was developed and published by Purple Moon and released in It is the first game in the Rockett series by release order, which is set approximately one year after the Secret Paths series and one year before The Starfire Soccer Challenge , which was aimed to spin off a new Starfire Soccer series. The character-based Purple Moon website also became one of the largest and most active online communities ever to exist on the internet. Rockett Movado arrives at her first day of grade eight at Whistling Pines Jr. High , clearly unfamiliar with anything that goes on around her. The loudspeaker spouts a greeting, and she begins her day meeting the sweet, soft-spoken Jessie Marbella. The choices that the player makes from here on determine the revelation of certain plot points and whether or not certain events transpire, but the game always uses this basic framework: Rockett and Jessie become separated, and she goes to her locker , only to have Whitney Weiss, member of the elite clique "The Ones," criticise her plain-looking outfit, which happens to be uncannily similar to that of another girl.

Kim Kardashian's Hollywood may be all the rage for anyone looking for A-list virtual escapism but before that, for a young female fanbase there was Purple Moon's Rockett's New School. This "friendship adventure" charmingly embodied the pressure and excitement of getting through obstacles, only this time in junior high and in the game world. This post has not been vetted or endorsed by BuzzFeed's editorial staff. BuzzFeed Community is a place where anyone can create a post or quiz. Learn more or post your buzz! A purpose behind Purple Moon were to create games geared towards young girls and with the messages of being true to yourself and with others and to stand with conviction when making decisions.

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  1. Due to their age and unknown legal status, finding and playing Purple Moon's games nowadays can be a little tricky.

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