I feel happy of myself

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i feel happy of myself

Quote by Genereux Philip: “I can feel myself getting happier as the days g...”

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Published 06.01.2019

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He knocked at the door. It was dark inside and he had to turn on the lights to find me.

i feel happy of myself

It is only in the last few years of my life that I have felt genuinely happy and comfortable in my own skin. Until my early thirties the dominant feeling I carried around with me was one of extreme social awkwardness. Which is strange, because most people who knew me prior to that time would have described me as a confident guy who got on with just about everybody. Perhaps the reason I was so well liked by so many is because I would agree with just about everything anyone said, so I was no bother to them. I was always the first to offer a hand when someone needed help, but not because I felt charitable; I just wanted them to like me more. If I got angry or frustrated, which I did often, you would never have known it.

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It's so heartbreaking, who would've known, everyone is battling their own demons. I laugh a lot! And it's getting really, really old. The good news: It's working. Yes, you have permission to shoot me if I do.

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