4 hour body geek to freak workout

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4 hour body geek to freak workout

4 Hour Body Lost Hacks - Geek To Freak: 8020 Approach To Training And Nutrition, The Best Hacks From Tim Ferriss And Much More..... by Samuel Ng

Maximum results from minimum effort, how does that sound to you? This is what Timothy Ferriss is known for in all his books. 4 Hour Body is about using the minimum effective dose to get the results you deserve. You do not have to go to extremes or overdo anything. Now, that is very practical indeed.

The entire book is made up of a combination of clever hacks. These hacks were organized strategically into chapters so readers will not be lost. Maybe the order of the book can be changed slightly based on priority.

You are about to discover a whole bunch of practical hacks to boost your health and improve your fitness level. Some are the best hacks from 4 Hour Body. Others are from further research and testing, inspired by 4 Hour Body. Many of these hacks came from the top experts in their field.
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Building Mass with "The 4 hour Body", Part 5: Exercise Demos

Sample: The 4-Hour Body: From Geek to Freak

Timothy was tired of being the skinny kid on the block and decided to make great changes to his body. Learn more about his training and how he gained 34 pounds of muscle, while losing 3 pounds of fat. All in 28 days! I weighed lbs. I was born premature and suffered bullying for the first 12 years of life, and I had no desire to once again be the skinniest person in the room.

The body composition measurement method I used, DXA, turns out to be one of the most accurate we have, but DXA is still quite imprecise. In January , I measured myself on two consecutive days at the same time of the day, and saw a loss of lean body mass of 4lbs. This is my account of following the a simplified version of the program "Occam's Protocol" for three weeks. Slides from the talk are available at Slideshare - P90x vs. While anecdotal evidence my girlfriend at the time suggests the program worked, there were no good measurement supporting that.

And years later after reading The Four Hour Body I am deciding to follow his Geek to Freak experiment and hopefully make some changes to my body. Follow my attempt to gain around 34 pounds of muscle, losing 3 pounds of fat. All within 28 days! So for almost a decade, I did not realize how much I am influenced by Tim Ferris. Tim Ferris is like one of the only authors that actually write good self-help books.

Table of Contents

Check it out. Ramit Sethi.

In fact, a few months ago, he and I were out with a few friends for dinner. I love testing. And I love anyone who is rigorous enough to put common misconceptions to the test in order to find out what really works. Free stuff 1. He reduced his workouts from three per week to two per week.

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